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Media Planner Resume Samples and Templates for 2024

Ultimate Guide to Media Planner Resume Examples and Templates for 2024


Creating a standout resume can feel like a puzzle for many job seekers. A media planner's role is evolving rapidly, influenced by digital media trends. This guide offers insights on crafting a winning media planner resume with examples and templates tailored for 2024.

Get ready to impress.

Key Takeaways

  • Use a clean, professional font and stick to a clear layout on your media planner resume. Include key sections such as contact info, summary, skills, work experience, education, and certifications.
  • Tailor your resume by including specific skills like communication, time management, analytical abilities, expertise in media buying tools and digital marketing.
  • Highlight achievements with numbers to show the impact of your work. Examples include increasing ad engagement or exceeding campaign targets.
  • Choose the right format for your resume between chronological or functional based on what showcases your strengths best.
  • Check out customizable templates and samples to build an impressive media planner resume tailored to 2024 trends.

What is a Media Planner Resume?

A Media Planner Resume is a document that shows your skills and experiences in media planning. It highlights how you can help companies create effective marketing strategies. This resume lists your professional experience, education, and skills related to advertising and digital marketing expertise.

It's essential for job seekers in India aiming for a career in the advertising industry.

You should include details like media buying, analytical skills, and tools you're proficient with. Tailor your resume to show how you're the perfect fit for the media planner job description you're applying for.

Next, we'll cover the important sections to include in your Media Planner Resume.

Important Sections to Include in a Media Planner Resume

Include contact information, professional summary, relevant skills, work experience, education, and additional sections such as certifications and courses. Tailor each section to highlight your expertise in media planning and buying.

Contact information

In your media planner resume, include your full name, professional email address, and an active phone number. Also, consider adding a link to your LinkedIn profile or personal website if applicable.

Make sure this information is easily accessible at the top of your resume for potential employers to reach out to you promptly.

If you prefer not to add personal contact details, ensure that you have created a professional voicemail greeting in case potential employers call. Be mindful of sharing sensitive information and only provide what you're comfortable with.

Professional summary

When crafting your professional summary for a media planner resume, focus on highlighting your expertise and career objectives. Clearly state your years of experience, key skills, and what you can bring to the role.

Use action verbs and impactful language to convey your passion for media planning and communication prowess. Tailor your summary to match the job description while showcasing your unique capabilities.

Highlighting relevant skills in the professional summary will instantly capture the attention of hiring managers, making it essential in presenting yourself as an ideal candidate for the role.

Relevant skills

After crafting a compelling professional summary, it's important to highlight your relevant skills. As a media planner in India, these are the key skills to include:

  1. Communication: Clear and effective communication is essential for collaborating with clients and team members.
  2. Time management: Ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines in a fast-paced advertising environment.
  3. Analytical skills: Proficiency in analyzing data and market trends to make informed media planning decisions.
  4. Media buying and planning tools: Familiarity with industry-specific software such as Nielsen, comScore, and Kantar for effective media buying strategies.
  5. Digital marketing expertise: Understanding of digital platforms, social media advertising, and SEO to optimize digital campaigns for maximum impact.

Work experience

Gain attention by listing your most recent work experience first.

  1. Begin with the job title, company name, and employment dates for each position.
  2. Provide a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments in each role.
  3. Quantify your achievements whenever possible, such as increasing ad engagement by a certain percentage or exceeding campaign targets.
  4. Highlight relevant projects or campaigns you worked on, specifying any notable results or contributions.
  5. Emphasize any specialized skills or expertise related to media planning or digital marketing that you developed during your previous roles.


When it comes to your education section on a media planner resume, list your highest level of education first. Include the degree you obtained, the name of the institution, and its location.

Highlight any relevant coursework or academic projects related to media planning, advertising, marketing, or communications. If you're a recent graduate with limited work experience, emphasize your academic achievements and extracurricular activities that demonstrate skills applicable to media planning roles.

However, if you have several years of experience in the field, focus on showcasing professional development courses or certifications that are pertinent to media planning.

Additional sections (certifications, courses, etc.)

When creating your media planner resume, consider including additional sections that can highlight your qualifications and make your application stand out. Some important sections to consider are:

  1. Certifications: Include any relevant certifications such as Google Ads or Facebook Blueprint to showcase your expertise in digital marketing.
  2. Courses: Highlight any relevant courses you have completed, such as media planning workshops or marketing analytics classes, to demonstrate your commitment to professional development.
  3. Professional Affiliations: Mention memberships in industry organizations like the American Advertising Federation or the International Media Association to show your active involvement in the field.
  4. Languages: If you are proficient in multiple languages, especially ones commonly used in media markets, make sure to list them as a valuable asset for reaching diverse audiences.
  5. Volunteer Work: Consider adding volunteer experience related to media planning or marketing to demonstrate your dedication and well-rounded skills outside of formal employment.
  6. Publications: If you have written articles or whitepapers on relevant topics within the media planning industry, include them to showcase your thought leadership and expertise.
  7. Awards and Honors: If you've received recognition for your work in media planning, such as "Top Media Planner of the Year" or similar accolades, be sure to highlight them for added credibility.
  8. Additional Skills: Any supplementary skills that are relevant to media planning but didn't fit into other sections can be included here, such as graphic design or video editing abilities.

Tips for Writing a Strong Media Planner Resume

Craft a compelling professional summary that showcases your expertise and entices potential employers. For more in-depth guidance, continue reading!

Choose the appropriate resume format

Select a clean and professional format for your media planner resume. Use a simple design that is easy to read and navigate, keeping the focus on your skills and experience. Consider using a chronological format to showcase your work history or a functional format if you want to highlight specific skills.

Ensure the chosen format aligns with industry standards and allows for customization based on the job you are applying for in India.

Crafting an effective resume layout can greatly enhance your chances of catching the eye of potential employers while showcasing key details about yourself as a media planner.

Highlight relevant experience and skills

Tailor your resume to showcase experience in media planning, digital marketing expertise, and proficiency in media buying tools. Emphasize strong communication skills, effective time management, and analytical capabilities.

Use action verbs to demonstrate your achievements and quantify the impact of your work. Ensure that your resume format effectively highlights relevant skills and experience for the specific job you are applying for.

Demonstrate hands-on experience in direct response media planning, backed by measurable achievements. Showcase familiarity with digital media planner tools and platforms used in the industry.

Use action verbs

Utilize strong action verbs to describe your accomplishments and responsibilities in the media planner resume. Emphasize skills, such as "managed," "implemented," "created," or "developed" to showcase your contributions.

Avoid passive language and opt for dynamic wording to convey your achievements effectively.

Incorporate action verbs throughout your resume to demonstrate your proactive approach and highlight your capabilities clearly. Employ terms like "organized," "executed," "oversaw," or "spearheaded" to illustrate your role in previous projects and initiatives.

Include measurable achievements

Highlight specific accomplishments in your work history, such as exceeding sales targets or increasing campaign performance. Utilize quantitative data to showcase the results of your media planning strategies.

These measurable achievements can demonstrate your impact and effectiveness in previous roles, setting you apart from other candidates.

When crafting your resume, incorporating these tangible outcomes will emphasize your ability to deliver successful media campaigns, making a compelling case for potential employers.

This approach helps create a strong impression of your skills and capabilities as a media planner.

Tailor your resume to the job description

Align your resume with the specific requirements of the job posting. Tailoring your resume to match the skills, keywords, and qualifications listed in the job description can significantly increase your chances of getting noticed by employers.

Mirror the language and terminology used in the job ad to showcase how well-suited you are for the position.

Craft a customized professional summary that directly addresses what the employer is looking for. Adjust your relevant skills section to highlight those that match the job requirements.

Common Skills for Media Planners

Media planners must possess strong communication, time management, analytical skills, proficiency in media buying and planning tools, and expertise in digital marketing. Discover how these skills can elevate your resume's impact.


Effective communication skills are essential for media planners to collaborate with various teams and convey strategic plans. Clear and concise communication ensures seamless coordination with clients, vendors, and internal stakeholders.

Additionally, strong verbal and written communication abilities enable media planners to present proposals persuasively and negotiate effectively during media buying processes. It also allows them to build relationships within the industry, facilitating successful partnerships for advertising campaigns.

Media planners need exceptional interpersonal skills to work cohesively with colleagues across different departments, ensuring that all aspects of a campaign align with the overall strategy.

Time management

Effective time management is crucial for media planners in India. Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance to meet deadlines. Use tools like calendars and task lists to organize work schedules efficiently.

Avoid multitasking and allocate dedicated time blocks for specific activities, such as research, planning, and client communication. Regularly review your progress against set timelines to stay on track.

Seek feedback from colleagues or mentors on how to improve time management skills.

Analytical skills

Media planners need strong analytical skills to interpret data and make informed decisions. These skills involve analyzing audience demographics, media consumption patterns, and market trends to optimize advertising strategies.

Additionally, they must be adept at using various analytics tools to measure campaign performance, identify areas for improvement, and allocate resources effectively in a dynamic media landscape.

Moreover, the ability to draw meaningful insights from data sets is crucial for crafting targeted messaging and maximizing the impact of advertising campaigns across different media channels.

Media buying and planning tools

Media planners use various tools to effectively buy and plan media. These tools include market research software, media planning software, and digital analytics platforms. They also utilize social media management tools, ad serving systems, and project management software for campaign coordination.

These tools help in identifying target audiences, analyzing media trends, optimizing ad placements, and measuring campaign performance.

Using advanced data analysis tools like Nielsen Media Impact or comScore helps in making informed decisions about media buying and planning. Additionally, leveraging digital marketing platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads Manager is crucial for reaching specific audience segments across diverse channels.

Digital marketing expertise

Developing digital marketing expertise is crucial for media planners in India. Understanding online advertising platforms, social media trends, and search engine optimization techniques are essential skills needed to succeed in the industry.

Utilizing data analytics and staying updated with the latest digital marketing tools will set you apart as a competitive candidate when applying for media planner roles. Developing proficiency in creating and executing digital advertising campaigns can significantly boost your career prospects, making you an invaluable asset to potential employers.

Examples and Templates for Media Planner Resumes

Explore professional resume examples and customizable templates to craft a standout media planner resume for 2024 job applications. Start building your winning resume today!

Key sections and best practices

When crafting your media planner resume, ensure to include key sections such as contact information, professional summary, relevant skills, work experience, education, and additional sections like certifications.

Highlight your relevant experience and skills using action verbs and measurable achievements. Tailor your resume to the job description by emphasizing communication, time management, analytical skills, media buying and planning tools expertise along with digital marketing skills.

Utilize customizable templates and samples for formatting guidelines that will make your resume stand out in the competitive job market.

Formatting guidelines

When it comes to formatting your media planner resume, simplicity is key. Use a clean, professional font and stick to a clear and organized layout. Ensure that important sections such as contact information, professional summary, skills, work experience, and education stand out.

Utilize bullet points for easy readability and make sure the overall design is visually appealing. Keep your resume length concise but provide enough details to showcase your qualifications effectively.

For online applications or email submissions in India, it's advisable to save your resume in PDF format to maintain the document's original formatting across various devices and platforms.

Customizable templates and samples

Explore the following customizable templates and samples to build your media planner resume tailored to 2024 trends:

  1. Select from a range of modern and visually appealing resume templates designed specifically for media planners.
  2. Access sample resumes showcasing successful formats and layouts used by media managers in the industry.
  3. Customize sections such as professional summary, relevant skills, and work experience using these adaptable templates.
  4. Incorporate measurable achievements and highlight specific skills based on the provided examples to make your resume stand out.
  5. Utilize digital media planner resume templates that align with current trends in media planning and buying.
  6. Optimize your assistant media planner resume using professional samples that demonstrate career progression and development.
  7. Tailor your portfolio with attention to detail by leveraging LinkedIn resources for media planners, ensuring alignment with industry standards.
  8. Utilize easy-to-use resume builders for creating polished, professional resumes, perfectly suited to appeal to potential employers in India.


Crafting an impressive media planner resume is crucial for landing your dream job. Highlight your skills, experience, and achievements to stand out from the competition. Use our examples and templates as a starting point to create a professional and effective resume that showcases your expertise in media planning.

Good luck on your job search!


1. What can I find in the Ultimate Guide to Media Planner Resume Examples and Templates for 2024?

In the guide, you'll discover professional templates, easy-to-use resume builder tools, and a variety of media planner resume samples that can help you craft your perfect CV.

2. How do I build a strong Media Planner resume?

Start by looking at media planning resume examples and choose a template that highlights your skills and qualifications. Make sure to include your media planner career objectives and any special projects or portfolio pieces.

3. Can this guide help if I'm new to LinkedIn?

Yes! The guide offers tips on creating an impressive LinkedIn profile for media planners, including what details to add in your biography to attract potential employers.

4. Are there specific skills I should highlight on my Media Manager resume?

Definitely! Focus on showcasing your most relevant skills such as market research techniques, campaign management experience, and proficiency with media planning software among others mentioned within the provided template examples.

5. Where can I find more resources for career development in media planning?

The guide doesn't just stop at resumes; it also provides valuable insights into job search techniques, career development strategies for aspiring or current media planners, and suggestions for building an impactful professional portfolio.

Media Planner Text-Only Resume Templates and Samples


Phone: 9431278941


Address: C-21, Sector-21, Delhi

About Me

Media Planner

  • An Experienced Professional – Media Planning with Extensive experience of XX years in reaching the highest number of people with the lowest-priced ad possible; identifying target audience; coordinating the launch of media campaigns with marketing, communications, and sales departments
  • Keeping abreast of industry figures, including distribution and audience figures; monitoring buying strategies; monitoring and optimizing the effectiveness of campaigns; building relationships with media sales companies
  • Adept in identifying a combination of media that will enable the marketer to communicate the message; instrumental in buying advertising space in magazines or newspapers; purchasing advertising time on radio
  • Skilled in collecting information about the kinds of audiences that can be reached by the different media and the approximate size of those audiences; using a combination of several different kinds of media to reach different audiences
  • Gaining client approval for each campaign phase; working with media sales workers employed by newspapers, magazines, cable services, and radio and television stations; tracking down and buying space in print publications or television markets
  • Broad knowledge of media channels; familiarity with campaign evaluation metrics and media buying; excellent communication and teamwork skills; an analytical mind with an aptitude for statistics and maths; strong decision-making skills


Marketing Management, Master of Business Administration, Completed, May 2006

Anna University

– Marks null

Chennai, TN


  • Certified Media planner, Completed , January 2018

Work Experience

Period: April 2018 - Current

Senior Media Planner

Mantras2Success Consultants

Mumbai, MH
  • Work with the client and the account team to understand the client's business objectives and advertising strategy; liaise with the creative agency team, clients, and consumers to develop media strategies and campaigns
  • Work on several projects at the same time, often for several different clients
  • Make decisions on the best form of media for specific clients and campaigns
  • Undertake research and analyze data using specialist industry resources
  • Identify target audiences and analyze their characteristics, behavior, and media habits
  • Present proposals, including cost schedules, to clients
  • Recommend the most appropriate types of media to use, as well as the most effective time spans and locations; manage client relationships to build respect and gain their trust in the judgment
  • Work with colleagues, other departments, and media buyers either in-house or in a specialist agency
  • Make and maintain good contacts with media owners, such as newspapers, magazines, and websites
  • Proofread advertisement content before release; maintain detailed records  Evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns to inform future ones

Period: November 2013 - March 2017

Media Planner

Lodha Group

Noida, UP
  • Collected and analyzed market data; allocated budgets and monitor costs
  • Identified target audiences and understand their behavior and habits
  • Determined the best media outlet mix for campaigns
  • Optimized ad campaigns according to geographic exposure, frequency, time spans, and more
  • Followed-up media trends of online and offline outlets (TV shows, magazines, blogs, radio programs)
  • Evaluated the success of media strategies and campaigns


  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Analytical Skill
  • Management


  • Haryanvi
  • Hindi
  • English


  • Internet Applications
  • MS Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Operating System

  • Window 10
  • Linux

Personal Interests

  • Dance
  • Traveling
  • Movies
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