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Shri assigns a professional resume writer that reviews and corrects your resume for common writing mistakes in the areas of:

  • Sentence structure and readability
  • Clarity of narrative
  • Logical inconsistencies
  • Common red flags
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Editing time is typically between 5-7 business days. Longer resumes can take more time.

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Why does our service cost less?

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Shri says that a wise man should have money only in his head, and never in his heart. In this spirit, Shri built a technology platform with smart design algorithms that empower his team of professional resume editors to focus solely on the content of your resume while managing the editing in the most efficient manner possible. Our time is spent exclusively on editing your resume because the input methods and algorithms take care of everything else, from design and formatting to best practices. As for the savings in time, Shri insists that the savings get returned to you, because we're not greedy — just needy.

Is this extra service for everyone?

This service is only for Shri Resume users who have an existing resume, prepared with your best effort. It is for people who desire a professional review and editing to make sure it is absolutely the best it can be. In other words, it's for Shri Resume users who wish to invest in themselves for increased future earnings.

How does the editing service work?

Keeping it simple and transparent, Shri processes your resume in six easy steps.

  • free resume builder

    You create your resume in Shri Resume's free resume builder.

  • communicate by shri mail

    You will communicate directly with your resume writer by ShriMail.

  • secure payment

    Choose Shri's Blessing (resume editing service) and make payment.

  • notified by email

    Upon completion, you will be notified by email.

  • editing process

    The editing process begins. It typically takes between 5 and 7 business days.

  • satisfaction guaranteed

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money back.

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How To Choose A Resume Writing Service?

When it comes to finding a job in our desired field, we certainly have to give our best efforts. From the resume we submit to the interview we face, each and every step matters a lot. Since first impression is often the last impression, therefore it is vital to focus on “how to create a powerful resume”. In this regard, a lot of job aspirants these days hire the services offered by the resume writing companies.

No doubt, the services offered by these companies prove to be quite useful for the job aspirants; particularly for those who do not know how to come up with an impressive resume. There are a lot of things that matter in this regard; from the use of right format to the selection of effective words. But, can you expect good quality service from each and every resume writing company? Of course not!

The service quality will definitely vary, and it depends on certain factors. So, if you do not want to spend your time and money on the average and not-so-experienced resume writing services, it is important to have some tips in mind. The tips mentioned below will surely help you figure out the best resume writing service provider. So, check them out.

Useful tips for short-listing the best resume writing services

A) Stay away from the scams

These days, almost every resume writing company claims itself as the top or #1 service provider in the market. But, you should never get into their trap. Even though not every service provider is fraud, but before spending your money on their services, you must go through their terms and conditions. Checking out the online reviews has become absolutely vital these days. You can also check out the rating of the resume writing company.

B) Resume writing takes time

Yes, it certainly takes at least three or four hours to carefully build a resume. The average service providers do not believe in spending good amount of time on creating a resume. They believe in quantity, and not quality. The best resume writing companies spend hours to jot down the best resume for their clients. This is the reason why the reputed service providers produce just a couple of resumes on daily basis.

After all, every candidate is different, and hence a professional resume writer must think each and every aspect very carefully. So, when you go through the website of a resume writing company, do look for a few SAMPLE RESUMES. It is better to wait a couple of days for getting your resume written by the professional and creative writers. However, the service provider must provide a clear turnaround time.

C) Website’s appearance and design

Like it was mentioned above, first impression is often the last impression; and it applies in the case of resume writing agencies too. If their website does not look impressive enough, chances are very high that the writers in their team will fail to impress you with their quality of work. So, the appearance of the website must be taken into consideration before you make your decision

B) Look for some credentials

The best service providers feature certified and professional resume writers. Nowadays, there are different courses available for writing resumes in a professional way. When your resume is jotted down by a certified writer, you will surely see the difference in their quality of work. Professional writers also have great accomplishments, and the reputed service providers do not shy away from showcasing the same information on their website. Writers who have been in the corporate field are even better, because they understand the mindset of the recruiters. They know which areas matter more in a resume format. So, when you avail the services of a certified and trained resume writer, you can surely expect good results.

D) Free revisions

This is one of the most important aspects you need to focus on. The best resume writing agencies do not hesitate when it comes to offering unlimited free revisions. Such companies do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing complete satisfaction to their clients. That being said, it is also important for you to be very clear about your requirements and vision right from the beginning. In this way, you will also save a lot of time by avoiding unnecessary revisions. Before purchasing resume writing package, make sure the package includes free revisions.

E) Check samples

Every company offers its best quality work as samples, so that you can feel impressed instantly. For this reason, do not believe in ‘love at first sight’. It is better to check at least three or four samples and then reach to a conclusion. From the samples, you need to make sure the key areas have been highlighted effective, such as skills, accomplishments, past and present job profile, etc. In addition, use of fonts and colors for highlighting the main sections also add more appeal to a resume.

Another important thing you need to make sure is that the samples provided to you by the resume writing company are in sync with your requirements. For example, if you are from the engineering background then you should look for some related samples.

F) Talk to them

Yes, getting in touch with the resume writer is absolutely important. An effective and professional resume cannot be created just with the help of a questionnaire round. It is crucial for a professional resume writer to know more and more about his/her client. Asking insightful questions related to your skills and accomplishments can be quite helpful in this regard. In other words, the best resume writing companies always speak with their clients, which can be compared to a brief interview session.Phone interview and questionnaire are the two methods widely followed by the professional resume writing agencies.

G) Free resume evaluation

The popular resume writing agencies do not hesitate when it comes to offering a free resume evaluation to their clients or customers. In order to be a good critique, one certainly needs to have good amount of knowledge about that particular niche. So, when an agency offers an evaluation for free, you should definitely give it a thought. Once you receive the evaluated file, compare the original version with the evaluated one, and see if you find any major changes. Through evaluation, the best agencies also try to create a good relationship with the client.

Final words

So, those were some of the vital deciding factors that you should consider at the time of choosing a resume writing agency. ‘Guaranteed results’ is another crucial aspect that cannot be ignored. A good service provider always stands behind their work. When you choose such a company, you can remain assured that your resume is in good and capable hands.

Lastly, it is also necessary to compare the fees charged by the resume writing service providers you have in your list. When comparing the fee amount, do not forget to take into account the number of ‘free revisions’. So, spend a little time on the internet; dig out the best options available, and get a resume so effective that it becomes really difficult for your potential employer to ignore your profile.

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First impressions matter.

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your chance to impress

Your chance to impress

A professionally designed resume changes how employers perceive you, increasing your opportunities.

Best possible light

Best possible light

High end presentation is definitive. It clearly represents how organized and professional you are.

Beware of red flags

Beware of red flags

If your presentation is weak, at least 35% of all employers will not even bother to read your resume.

Position yourself for success

Position yourself for success

The quality of language in your resume matters. Studies show that a poorly written resume filled with grammatical errors and weak language makes you poorer.

Gain a competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge

If you want to win, first you have to be able to compete. A professional resume helps you level the playing field against applicants from Tier 1 universities and prestigious companies.

Gain a competitive edge

Improve your odds

Applicants with proper resumes have at least a 50% better chance of being granted an interview, and employers give more latitude during the inteviewing process.

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