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India is in the midst of unprecedented economic development. As a nation of 1.2 billion
people, we are experiencing a "transitional" and transformative period in our nation's
proud history. Together we will share in the triumphs and challenges as we enter this new
era of historic development. Shri Resume wishes to contribute to the building of mother
India by offering a basic free service that helps both freshers entering the workforce for
the first time ― and those presently working ― with a service that prepares properly
formatted resumes. Why? Because an improperly formated resume shouldn't get in the
way of realizing your dreams, or that of your family's sacrifice.

Shri Resume. Your life story begins here.

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About Us

Shri Resume is a division of Madhulata
Infotech Pvt Ltd., a software
technology company. We're a team of
misfits that wish to contribute to the
nation building of mother India while
supporting the needs of clients on all
six continents and at home.

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The team behind Shri Resume is more
than 70 persons strong, with our most
valued member being our Chaiwala.
Together we work hard (most of the
time) so that we can go home as early
as possible, which never happens.

everyone loves shri's online resume buildereveryone loves shri's online resume builder

India's premier resume service

Your life story begins here