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Food Science Technicians Resume Samples (Text format)

About Me

Food Science Technicians

  • Extensive experience of XX years classifying the products by analyzing the tests conducted; checking whether the quality of the food products are meeting the set standard; ensuring that there is the right amount quantity of salt or other ingredients in the food product
  • An exceptional technician, possess excellent skills in applying the principles and theories of science to assist in research and development and to help invent and improve products and processes; skilled insetting-up, operating, and monitoring experiments, making observations and recording results
  • Proficient in developing and adapting laboratory procedures to achieve the best results interprets data, and devises solutions to problems; expert knowledge in laboratory equipment and recognizes when equipment is malfunctioning; performing chemical analysis of raw materials and manufactured products
  • Skilled in assisting food scientists and technologists in the process of research and development; identifying cell structures in order to locate bacteria in food materials; conducting research in the field of food development; excellent administrative, organizational, and analytic skills
  • Extensive knowledge in food cost control experience; knowledge in food safety and sanitation; excellent leadership, communication, and group facilitation skills; ability to work in a team environment; ability to maintain records and documentation


Hotel Management, Bachelor of Education, Completed, 2003-05-01

Savitribai Phule Pune University

Marks null,

Pune, MH

Work Experience

2020-08-01 - Current

Food Science Technicians

Vee Technologies

Salem, TN
  • Assist food scientists and technologists to research and experiment on food and liquids in laboratories
  • Test food and liquids to determine physical and chemical characteristics
  • Check food for color, consistency, fat content, caloric content, and nutrients
  • Analyze test results and compare them with standard tables of caloric and nutritional content
  • Examine samples to identify cell structures or to locate bacteria or extraneous material
  • Mix, boil, cut, blend, separate, or freeze ingredients to make reagents
  • Work on products and ingredients to manufacture food
  • Clean, maintain, operate, and sanitize laboratory equipment, such as microscopes and Petri dishes
  • Determine the moisture, salt, sugar, or preservative content of food and beverages
  • Use mathematical and chemical procedures to find percentages of ingredients and formulas
  • Record or compile test results or prepare graphs, charts, or reports
  • Test food, food additives, and food containers to ensure they comply with established safety standards
  • Assist with food research, development, and quality control; ensure food products are fit for distribution
  • Work to create proper food packaging, including bottles and plastics; inspect foodstuffs, chemicals, and additives to determine whether they are safe and have the proper combination of ingredients

Key Highlights:

  • Promote a sampling culture within the organization by educating five project teams and non-technical coworkers on fundamental sensory knowledge

2018-07-01 - 2019-03-01

Food Technologist & Production Head

Prudent Tech IT Solutions

Mumbai, MH
  • Analyzed test results to classify products, or compare results with standard tables
  •  Computed moisture or salt content, percentages of ingredients, formulas, or other product factors, using mathematical and chemical procedures
  • Conducted standardized tests on food, beverages, additives, and preservatives in order to ensure compliance with standards and regulations regarding factors such as color, texture, and nutrients
  •  Examined chemical and biological samples in order to identify cell structures, and locate bacteria, or extraneous material, using the microscope
  •  Prepared slides and incubate slides with cell cultures; cleaned and sterilize laboratory equipment
  •  Provided assistance to food scientists and technologists in research and development, production technology, and quality control; record and compile test results, and prepare graphs, charts, and reports


  • Communication 
  • Critical-thinking 
  • Data-analysis 
  • Highly Observant
  • Laboratory technology
  • Project management
  • Quality control
  • Research / Technical writing


  • English
  • Hindi

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Food Science Technicians Resume Sample

Food Science Technicians Resume Sample

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