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Cafeteria Food Service Resume Samples (Text format)

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Cafeteria Food

  • Highly skilled and industrious Cafeteria Worker with XX years of extensive experience in preparing a variety of foods according to customers' orders or supervisors' instructions, following approved procedures. Wrapping the food, placing it directly on plates for service to patrons, placing food trays over food warmers for immediate service, or storing them in refrigerated storage cabinets.
  • Skilled in informing supervisors when supplies are getting low or equipment is not working properly, assisting cooks and kitchen staff with various tasks as needed, and providing cooks with needed items, washing, peeling, and/or cutting various foods to prepare for cooking or serving.
  • Adept in receiving and storing food supplies, equipment, and utensils in refrigerators, cupboards, and other storage areas. Stocking cupboards and refrigerators, and tending salad bars and buffet meals. Removing trash and cleaning kitchen garbage containers. Preparing and serving a variety of beverages such as coffee, tea, and soft drinks.
  • Deft in carrying food supplies, equipment, and utensils to and from storage and work areas. Making special dressings and sauces as condiments for sandwiches. Scraping leftovers from dishes into garbage containers. Using manual and/or electric appliances to clean, peel, slice, and trim foods.
  • Knowledge of supplies, equipment, and/or services ordering and inventory control. Ability to understand and follow safety procedures. Ability to safely use cleaning equipment and supplies.  Knowledge of food service line set-up and temperature requirements. Knowledge of food preparation and presentation methods, techniques, and quality standards.


, Bachelor of Arts, Completed, 2003-06-01

ABC College

Marks null,

Loyola College, TN

Work Experience

2017-02-01 - Current

Cafeteria Food Service / Executive Chef

Pune Food Factory

Pune, MH
  • Obtain pots, utensils, food, and non-food items to the serving area prior to, during, and/or after the coffee service.
  • Closely observe safety, proper food handling storage, and food temperature control procedures following department standards.
  • Cut, and tray food items from Bake Shop wraps for storage or dispose of leftover food items according to established procedure.
  • Assist customers in obtaining food services in a courteous and helpful manner. Promotes food sales.
  • Responds to changes in service and guide fellow employees to adjust to changes in menu and service.
  • Recommends cost and revenue changes in menu items based on customer trends.
  • Maintained an adequate supply of food items in the refrigerators, bakery cases, and bagel racks.
  • Maintain an adequate supply of non-food items in cabinets and under counters. Also alerted the manager if running low on an item.
  • Cleaned all preparation areas prior to, during, and after service by washing walls, counters, ceilings, doors, windows, signs, etc., by the use of harsh cleaning solutions and sponges, cleaning cloths, and the like.

2014-09-01 - 2016-04-01

Cafeteria Food Service / Staff Cafeteria / Cafeteria Manager

Della Group

Lonavala, MH
  • Arranged food and beverage items for the purpose of making items available to students and staff.
  • Cleaned utensils, equipment, and the storage, food preparation, and serving areas for the purpose of maintaining sanitary conditions.
  • Collected payments for food items from students and staff for the purpose of completing transactions and/or securing funds for reimbursement of costs.
  • Inspected food items, work areas, etc. (e.g. personal hygiene, proper food temperatures, etc.) for the purpose of preventing cross-contamination of food-borne illnesses.
  • Loaded carts, food warmers, trays, etc. for the purpose of ensuring that food and/or beverage items are available for transporting to other sites.
  • Served one or more items of food for the purpose of meeting mandated nutritional requirements and/or requests of students and school personnel.
  • Used proper body mechanics and cleaning procedures for the purpose of preventing accidental injuries to self and others.


Hard Skills

  • Safety Consciousness
  • Stress Tolerance
  • Restaurant Intercom Operation
  • Monitoring Self Performance
  • Physical Fitness

Soft Skills

  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Managerial skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Food safety awareness


  • English
  • Hindi

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Cafeteria Food Service Resume Sample

Cafeteria Food Service Resume Sample

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