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Security Screener Resume Samples (Text format)

About Me

Security Screener

  • Diligent and dedicated security screener with XX years of experience in screening passengers, personal items, and bags at security checkpoints, using x-ray machines, wands, and gloved pat-downs. Strong knowledge of rules and regulations for the transportation business.
  • Skilled in instructing passengers on how to prepare for screening (for example, by removing shoes, emptying pockets, and removing certain items from bags to meet the requirements); informing passengers about how to mail prohibited items to themselves, or confiscate prohibited items 
  • Acting with courtesy and respect, even when dealing with irate passengers and other stressful situations; verifying credentials of individuals in restricted spaces, and working closely with security personnel to ensure that suspicious or potentially dangerous persons are never out of sight 
  • Adroit in exercising caution when handling suspicious bags and packages, calling for backup and following directions of the security team and law enforcement agents; monitoring passenger flow through screening checkpoints to ensure order and efficiency 
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations for transportation business; experience in taking sound judgment and quick decisions; ability to calm down an emergency situation by taking immediate measures; experience in maintaining accurate and organized records 


Justice Administration, Master of Arts, Completed, 2017-08-01

GP College

CCS UniversityMarks 70,

Meerut, UP

Work Experience

2015-07-01 - Current

Security Officer

DUY Corp.

Noida, UP
  • Inspected carry-on items, using x-ray viewing equipment, to determine whether items contain objects that warrant further investigation.
  • Searched carry-on or checked baggage by hand when it is suspected to contain prohibited items such as weapons.
  • Viewed images of checked bags and cargo, using remote screening equipment, and alerted baggage screeners or handlers to any possible problems.
  • Checked passengers' tickets to ensure that they are valid, and to determine whether passengers have designations that require special handling, such as providing photo identification.
  • Performed pat-down or hand-held wand searches of passengers who have triggered machine alarms, who are unable to pass through metal detectors, or who have been randomly identified for such searches.
  • Notified supervisors or other appropriate personnel when security breaches occur.
  • Contacted leads or supervisors to discuss objects of concern that are not on prohibited object lists.
  • Confiscate dangerous items and hazardous materials found in opened bags and turn them over for disposal.

2009-09-01 - 2014-02-01

Security Screener


  • Confiscated prohibited or dangerous items; inform the public about policies, services, or procedures.
  • Monitored access or flow of people to prevent problems; confiscate prohibited or dangerous items.
  • Communicated situation details to appropriate personnel; maintained surveillance of individuals or establishments; recorded information about suspicious objects.
  • Requested emergency personnel; patrolled properties to maintain safety.
  • Prevented unauthorized individuals from entering restricted areas
  • Examined personal documentation to ensure that it is valid; block physical access to restricted areas.


  • Great communication
  • Superb physical fitness
  • Cooperative worker
  • Strong leadership
  • Time efficient 
  • Logical judgment
  • Decision making
  • Customer Service
  • Computer Literate
  • Security


  • Persian
  • Hindi
  • English

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Security Screener Resume Sample

Security Screener Resume Sample

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