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Arvind Yadav

Professor / Lecturer

  • WORK EXPERIENCE Experienced
  • AGE 26

  • Extensive experience of XX years in designing and developing curricula for students taking up innovative approaches; delivering a range of programs of teaching for students; ensuring teaching within the quality assurance framework of the college; performing student admissions and assessments
  • Using knowledge of various facets of teaching & commitment to enhance the quality standards of academic programs by utilizing latest technology, research & learning methods to assure students’ success, confident to provide leadership & guidance to students and envision a future for any institute ensuring its reputation and academic standing
  • Skilled in developing, implementing and coordinating college research strategy; developing the ability of students to engage in critical discourses and rational thinking; promoting and developing team spirit and team coherence; ensuring compliance of teaching design and methods with the educational standards and regulations of the department
  • Equipped with analytical bent of mind, problem solving skills & technical understanding of the nuances of the education field, constantly endeavor towards delivering continuous results through dedication to nurture the creative potential of each student
  • Expertise in establishing clear objectives for all lessons, units, and projects, and communicate those objectives to students; establishing & enforcing rules for behavior & procedures for maintaining order among the students for whom they are responsible
  • Distinction of instituting proactive initiatives, implementing innovative methods (audio-visual aids) of teaching, updating syllabus and streamlining the conduct of examinations geared towards improving the quality of education; effective communicator with excellent time management, prioritizing, multi-tasking and organizational skills

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Master of Business Administration, management

ABC School


noida, Uttar Pradesh

Completed, February 2002

Marks 70 %

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Work Experience

calendar_icon_pdf May 2004 - April 2009
Professor, Lecturer

abc pvt ltd

noida, Uttar Pradesh

Key Result Areas:

  • Prepare pupils for qualifications & external examinations; managing pupil behavior in the classroom and on premises, and apply appropriate and effective measures in cases of misbehavior
  • Recognize, respect & nurture the creative potential of each student and respond to all classroom queries in a spontaneous manner
  • Develop & deliver lessons to a range of classes of different ages and abilities; mark work, give appropriate feedback and maintain records of pupils' progress & development
  • Research new topic areas, maintaining up-to-date subject knowledge, devise and write new curriculum materials; select & use a range of different learning resources & equipment, including podcasts & interactive whiteboards
  • Develop and apply innovative teaching approaches and materials to enable learning and enthuse students
  • Develop programme proposals and contribute to the wider design of the teaching programme
  • Marking and examining to ensure that students’ progress is being monitored and reported in line with t he procedures; contribute to the development of research strategies
  • Develop approaches to teaching and learning which are appropriate for the University and subject area and reflect developing practice elsewhere plan, design and co-ordinate broad research activities and programmes
  • Develop methodologies and techniques appropriate to the type of research being pursued and that add to the knowledge/understanding appropriate to the disciplinePublish results of research in articles and/or books which lead to an enhanced reputation in the subject area and enhance the research profile
  • Develop innovative research proposals and lead funding bids which develop and sustain research support in the specialist area; secure research funding for innovative projects

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained???? Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level???? Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????
calendar_icon_pdf October 2018 - Current
Professor, Lecturer

AFR Ltd.

MZN, Gujarat

Key Result Areas:

  • Prepared and delivered regular lectures for students; conducted tutorial sessions, seminars and laboratory classes
  • Guided class discussions, whilst encouraging debate and feedback amongst students
  • Prepared and marked student assignments, essays, exams and provided one-on-one feedback on academic performance where necessary
  • Supervised the work of Postgraduate and Honours students, as well as tutorial staff
  • Attended departmental and faculty meetings with other staff members
  • Participated in course/degree setting committees, curriculum revision and academic planning
  • Conducted further research into their specific field of knowledge/interest
  • Compiled bibliographies of relevant materials for class reading assignments

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained???? Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level???? Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????
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  • -

Training and Certifications

  • Arvind Yadav, abc institute, 2005
  • +
  • -


Core Competencies: ♦ Teaching Operations ♦ Academics & Research ♦ Curriculum Development &

Implementation ♦ Extra-Curricular Involvement ♦ Student Individual Development ♦ Discipline Management ♦ Parental Guidance & Involvement ♦ Training & Mentoring ♦ Career Counseling ♦ Student Assessment ♦ Service Excellence ♦

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Computer Proficiency

Operating Systems
  • window
  • +
  • -


  • Hindi
  • English
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Personal Interests

Exhibiting a desire to experience new cultures and environments—especially if your role would involve working with foreign colleagues, partners or clients—can really help your resume shine.


Personal Details

  • Father’s Name:Mr. Arvind Yadav
  • Birthday: 06/04/1994
  • Gender:Male
  • Marital Status:Single
  • Nationality:Indian


noida - 201301
Uttar Pradesh
Arvind Yadav

Professor / Lecturer

refrences_projects_icon References
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