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About Me

Mining Engineer

Skilled in conducting research to determine location and methods of extracting minerals, such as metallic ores and nonmetallic substances, such as coal, stone, and gravel; conducting geological exploration, and reviews maps

Adept in planning, recommending, and coordinating the mining process, type and capacity of haulage equipment, such as power shovels and trucks, and labor utilization

Adroit in laying out and directs mine construction operations, such as location and development of shafts, tunnels, chambers, position of excavation benches, and access roads

Deft in designing, implementing and monitoring facility projects, such as water and power supply, ventilation system, rock-dust and radon gas control, drainage, rail and conveyor systems, and material cleaning, grading, etc.

Excellent knowledge in mining equipment maintenance and operations; knowledge in mines planning, budgeting, and estimation; great project management skills; flexible and adaptable to change; strong organizational skills


management, Master of Business Administration, Completed, February 2004

ABC School

CBSEMarks 70%, Division I

noida, Uttar Pradesh

Work Experience

July 2008 - February 2012

Mining Engineer

abc pvt ltd

noida, Uttar Pradesh

Key Result Areas:

  • Coordinate and assist with periodic mine plan reviews; revise mine plans
  • Generate maps to effectively communicate mine plans and schedules for comprehension and implementation
  • Assist in mining planning process; generate technical illustrations
  • Develop and maintain 3D Geological Models using planning software
  • Implemented cleaner and more green-friendly mining techniques
  • Provide mining engineer and design services for mine studies; prepare study reports
  • Communicate and coordinate with suppliers; oversee with mining engineer drawings
  • Schedule, budget and report engineering projects; prepare mining equipment specifics
  • Conducted oil drilling excavations; managed logistics in mining operations

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained???? Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level???? Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????

Training Certifications

  • Arvind Yadav abc institute, 2009


Computer Proficiency

  • window


  • Hindi
  • English

Personal Interest

Exhibiting a desire to experience new cultures and environments—especially if your role would involve working with foreign colleagues, partners or clients—can really help your resume shine.


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Mining Engineer Resume Sample

Mining Engineer Resume Sample
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