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Counter and Rental Clerks Resume Samples (Text format)

About Me

Counter and Rental Professional

  • Possess expertise in receiving orders, generally in person, for repairs, rentals, and services; describing available options, computing costs, and accepting payment
  • Extensive experience of XX years in calculating charges for services or merchandise and receiving payments; preparing goods for rental, display, or purchase; suggesting and providing advice on an extensive variety of services and products
  • Understanding the requirements of customers, welcoming customers and discussing the quality, type, and quantity of goods for rent; maintaining records of transactions and customers entering the company; preparing rental forms attaining customer signatures, and assessing required licenses
  • Adept in examining, receiving, and tagging articles to be cleaned, modified, repaired, and sorted; evaluating and regulating rental items to meet the requirements of customers; maintaining records of rented items and keeping the rest of the items back
  • Instrumental in providing information about rental items such as operation, availability, or description; counseling customers on the use of commodities and explaining the care to be taken; distributing equipment to participants in recreational activities or sporting events


Management, Bachelor of Business Administration, Completed, 2012-03-01

Amity School of Communication

Marks 70, Division I

Noida, UP

Work Experience

2017-10-01 - Current

Event Planner / Event Coordinator

Discover Resorts

Noida, UP
  •  Greet customers and discuss the type, quality, and quantity of merchandise sought for rental
  •  Compute charges for merchandise or services and receive payments
  •  Answer telephones to provide information and receive orders
  •  Provide information about rental items, such as availability, operation, or description
  •  Rent items, arrange for the provision of services to customers, and accept returns
  •  Inspect and adjust rental items to meet the needs of the customer
  •  Explain rental fees, policies, and procedures
  •  Prepare rental forms, obtain customer signatures and other information, such as required licenses
  •  Keep records of transactions and the number of customers entering an establishment
  •  Reserve items for requested times and keep records of items rented
  •  Recommend and provide advice on a wide variety of products and services
  •  Receive orders for services, such as rentals, repairs, dry cleaning, and storage
  •  Prepare merchandise for display or for purchase or rental
  •  Advise customers on the use and care of merchandise
  •  Receive, examine, and tag articles to be altered, cleaned, stored, or repaired
  •  Allocate equipment to participants in sporting events or recreational activities
  •  Evaluate customer satisfaction with all products and services and work to solve any problems or concerns customers express
  •  Explain rental options for hourly, daily, and weekly rates as well as our full rental terms
  •  Review all incoming paperwork from customers to ensure completeness and accuracy and maintain records of all rentals
  •  Locate rental items for customers and restore all returned items to the proper storage area, making sure they are clean and ready for the next customer to use

2011-03-01 - 2016-02-01

Assistant Events Manager

Marriott International

Mumbai, MH
  • Examine the condition of property or products; advise customers on the use of products or services
  • Set up merchandise displays; take product orders from customers
  • Recommend products or services to customers; advise customers on the use of products or services
  • Maintain records of sales or other business transactions; prepare sales or other contracts
  • Explain financial information to customers; examine the condition of property or products
  • Process sales or other transactions; explain technical product or service information to customers
  • Answer customer questions about goods or services; process sales or other transactions
  • Calculate costs of goods or services; greet customers, patrons, or visitors
  • Gather customer or product information to determine customer needs


  • Customer Service
  • Reservations
  • Rental Equipment
  • Computer System
  • Rental Agreements


  • Hindi
  • English

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Counter and Rental Clerks Resume Sample

Counter and Rental Clerks Resume Sample

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