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Software Tester Resume Samples (Text format)

About Me

Software Tester / QA / Test Engineer

  • Highly- skilled software tester with XX years of experience in analyzing users’ stories and/or use cases/requirements for validity and feasibility. Skilled in enhancing test cases using programming features. Team-based management style and excellent interpersonal / communication skills. Grouping test cases, prioritizing test cases, executing test batches, and generating test reports.
  • Understanding test requirements; adept in contributing to test plan preparation; deriving test scenarios; documenting test cases; updating traceability matrix document; collecting test data; creating test batches; executing test cases; reporting defects and tracking defects; collecting test metrics
  • Skilled in enhancing test cases using programming features; grouping test cases, prioritizing test cases, executing test batches and generating test reports; carrying out data-driven testing, cross-browser testing, and database testing; analyzing the test results and reporting defects
  • Team-based management style and excellent interpersonal / communication skills. An effective leader with proven abilities in leading teams during the project phase, guiding members, and enabling knowledge sharing among the team


Electric, Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Technology, Completed, 2003-03-01

ABC School

GDS University Marks 70, Division I

New York, NY

Work Experience

2002-02-01 - Current

Software Tester / Test Engineer

ABC Pvt Ltd

Noida, UP
  • Learned about the software that is being tested and all the other software that is associated with it.
  • Understanding the entire plan of the master project; creating required test data for the procedure of testing.
  • Maintained test logs; designed specific cases of testing according to the requirements.
  • Created testing plans; organize the necessary test beds of hardware, software, and network.
  • Reported the bugs to the stakeholders; inform the stakeholders of the test results.
  • Attended to bug reports that have been returned; update the cases of testing as defects are discovered.
  • Conducted a re-test of the resolved bug issues; report the progress in work to the project manager or team lead.
  • Updated the automation of tests depending on the updated cases of testing.
  • Helped the team out by providing them with input.

1991-03-01 - 2002-01-01

Quality Assurance

XYZ pvt ltd

Gautam Budh Nager, UP
  • Worked with software developers and project support teams.
  • Met with system users to understand the scope of projects.
  • Monitored applications and software systems; worked on multiple projects at one time.
  • Carried out stress testing, performance testing, functional testing, and scalability testing.
  • Wrote and execute test scripts; ran manual and automated tests.
  • Tested in different environments including web and mobile; wrote bug reports.
  • Worked towards departmental and project deadlines; provided quality assurance.
  • Provided objective feedback to software development project teams.
  • Designed tests to mitigate risk; presented findings to software development and business user teams.


Hard Skills

  • Java
  • Agile Testing
  • Selenium
  • Software Testing
  • SQL
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Regression Testing
  • Manual Testing

Soft Skills

  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Time management skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Stress management
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Adaptability
  • Organizational skills


  • English
  • Hindi

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Software Tester Resume Sample

Software Tester Resume Sample

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