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Developer - CMS [general] Resume Samples (Text format)

About Me

CMS Developer


  • Extensive experience of XX years in conducting analysis, designing and assembly of software components in Open Text CMS applications; preparing content migration plans and design patterns for assigned interfaces
  • Skilled in maintaining technical documentation for CMS Opentext applications as per SDLC standards and procedures; implementing procedures for designing and development of content server workflows and reports
  • Deftly providing the technical assistance for maintenance, integration and testing of software solutions during development and release processes
  • Instrumentally creating and supporting content management systems for end-users; implementing and modifying test plans for verification of program logic


management, Master of Business Administration, Completed, March 2002

ABC School

CBSEMarks 70%, Division I

noida, Uttar Pradesh

Work Experience

July 2004 - April 2008

Developer - CMS [general]

abc pvt ltd

noida, Uttar Pradesh

Key Result Areas:

  • Oversee and supervise the operations of the CMS application development team
  • Provide direct technical support to the application development teams on the discovery process, development and implementation of the CMS application
  • Oversee and supervise the coordination of the development team with the development team on the development of CMS and other related activitiesParticipate in CMS Monitoring Board meetings, staff meetings, and CMS application related meetings
  • Liaise with other offices and coordinate activities to achieve established objectives
  • Coordinate internal and external offices in all CMS application communications
  • Monitor the current CMS database for optimal performance to ensure end user access to the application
  • Receive, analyze and initiate action on change requirements to the current CMS application
  • Supervise the administration of the CMS application, e.g. add new users, add new CMS locations and other activities related to the administration of the applicationProvide oversight and expertise in creating ad hoc query reports
  • Provide guidance in deleting duplicate cases as they are identified
  • Evaluate changes to the current CMS application database to ensure they satisfy the change request requirements

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained???? Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level???? Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????

Training Certifications

  • Arvind Yadav abc institute, 2004


Computer Proficiency

  • window


  • Hindi
  • English

Personal Interest

Exhibiting a desire to experience new cultures and environments—especially if your role would involve working with foreign colleagues, partners or clients—can really help your resume shine.


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Developer - CMS [general] Resume Sample

Developer - CMS [general] Resume Sample
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