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HR Manager Resume Samples and Templates for 2024

Ultimate Guide to HR Manager Resume Examples and Templates for 2024


Crafting the perfect HR Manager resume can be a tough puzzle to solve. A strong resume is crucial for making a good first impression in the competitive HR field. This guide offers you top-notch examples and templates for 2024 to make your resume stand out.

From crafting an engaging profile summary to choosing the right template, we've got you covered. Let's dive in and get started!

Key Takeaways

  • Use engaging profile summaries and impactful bullet points to showcase your HR expertise, focusing on skills like leadership and strategic initiative implementation.
  • Tailor your resume for different HR roles by highlighting relevant experiences such as recruitment, employee relations, training, or HRIS management with examples of achievements and problem-solving capabilities.
  • Include your educational background with specifics about degrees, certifications, specialized HR training, academic achievements or any professional affiliations in the field of human resources to showcase commitment and expertise.

Types of Human Resource (HR) Roles

Discover the diverse range of HR roles, from entry-level to executive positions. Each role demands unique skills and responsibilities in managing human resources effectively.

HR Manager

As an HR Manager, you play a crucial role in shaping the workforce of your company. You oversee recruitment, manage employee relations, and ensure compliance with laws. Crafting a standout HR manager resume is key to landing your next job.

Highlight your leadership skills and ability to develop strong teams.

Your resume should showcase specific achievements such as improving employee retention rates or successfully implementing new training programs. Use action verbs and quantifiable results to demonstrate your impact.

Include relevant certifications like SHRM or HRCI if you have them. An impressive HR manager CV can set you apart from other candidates in India's competitive job market.

HR Intern

An HR intern assists with various tasks in the human resources department. They may help with recruitment, onboarding, or administrative duties. The intern gains practical experience and contributes to HR projects.

This role provides exposure to different aspects of HR and helps interns develop essential skills for their future career.

As an HR intern, you'll gain valuable experience in various HR functions and contribute to the team's success. You'll assist with diverse tasks such as recruitment, onboarding, and administrative duties while developing crucial skills for your career growth.

Entry-Level HR

Transitioning from an HR Intern role to an Entry-Level HR position offers opportunities for practical application and growth. As an entry-level HR professional, emphasize your willingness to learn, strong communication skills, and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Showcase any relevant internships or volunteer experiences that highlight your passion for human resources. Highlight specific coursework or certifications related to HR as well as any technical skills you possess, such as proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite or experience with HRIS platforms.

Craft a tailored resume that showcases your enthusiasm for entering the field of human resources while highlighting your academic achievements and relevant experiences. Keep it concise and impactful using keywords like "HR manager job hunting tips" and "HR Manager Interview Tips" to demonstrate your preparedness for this new career phase.

Junior HR Generalist

As a junior HR generalist, focus on building a strong foundation in all areas of human resources. Gain exposure to employee onboarding, training coordination, and HRIS maintenance.

Develop communication skills to effectively interact with employees and assist in resolving their queries.

Explore opportunities to support the recruitment process by screening resumes and participating in interviews. Learn about labor laws, compliance requirements, and performance management processes.

HR Assistant

The HR assistant plays a vital role in supporting the human resources department. They handle administrative tasks such as maintaining employee records, scheduling interviews, and assisting with payroll.

Additionally, they may help in creating job postings and screening resumes to support the recruitment process.

This position requires excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, and familiarity with HR software systems. A strong understanding of confidentiality and discretion is also essential due to the sensitive nature of HR information handled by an HR Assistant.

Senior HR Manager

The Senior HR Manager oversees the entire human resources team and ensures smooth operations. They develop strategies for talent acquisition, employee engagement, and performance management to meet organizational goals.

Additionally, they lead in policy development, employee relations, and compliance with labor laws while providing guidance to junior HR staff.

In addition to their leadership role, Senior HR Managers analyze workforce trends and collaborate with senior management on strategic planning. They also play a crucial part in succession planning and promoting a positive work culture within the organization while fostering diversity and inclusion initiatives.

HRIS Analyst

Transitioning from managing human resources to a focus on technology, an HRIS Analyst plays a pivotal role in integrating HR systems to streamline processes. They analyze data, identify trends and ensure the smooth functioning of HR software applications.

Conveying technical insights to non-technical teams and offering support for system users are key responsibilities.

HR information management skills, experience with HR software and database systems, and analytical capabilities are essential for an effective HRIS Analyst resume. Incorporate keywords like "HRIS Analyst," "HR technology," and "data analysis" while showcasing your abilities in managing HR systems effectively.

HR Analyst

Craft a tailored resume for HR analyst roles by highlighting data analysis, reporting, and HRIS expertise. Showcase proficiency in HR tools and systems such as SAP SuccessFactors or Workday.

Emphasize experience with metrics tracking, workforce planning, and generating insights to drive strategic decision-making.

Ensure your resume includes critical keywords like "HR data analysis," "reporting," and "HR information systems." Highlight any relevant certifications such as SHRM-CP or PHR to stand out among candidates.

HR Compliance

Transitioning from HR Analyst to HR Compliance, understanding and adhering to HR compliance regulations is crucial for any HR professional. Ensuring that company policies align with labor laws and regulations helps maintain a fair, safe, and respectful work environment while reducing legal risks.

Staying up-to-date on employment laws and regulations is essential in maintaining compliance within the organization's hiring, payroll, benefits, and workplace safety practices. Regular auditing of internal processes can help identify areas where compliance may be lacking or requires improvement to ensure a smooth operation in accordance with legal standards.

HR Recruiter

Transitioning to the role of HR Recruiter, you will focus on finding and attracting top talent for the organization. Your main responsibilities revolve around sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and managing the hiring process.

To excel in this position, highlight your expertise in candidate assessment, communication skills, and knowledge of recruitment tools and techniques. Tailor your resume with relevant keywords from job descriptions to stand out to potential employers.

HR Administrator

An HR Administrator manages the day-to-day operations of the human resources department, handling tasks such as maintaining employee records, processing payroll, and coordinating employee benefits.

They also assist in recruitment processes by scheduling interviews and communicating with job applicants. An HR Administrator plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth functioning of HR activities within an organization.

In addition to administrative skills, an HR Administrator should be familiar with human resource management systems (HRIS) and have strong communication abilities. They are responsible for providing support to both employees and management while upholding confidentiality and compliance with company policies and regulations.

HR Executive

An HR executive oversees the day-to-day operations of the human resources department, including recruitment, employee relations, and policy implementation. They play a crucial role in ensuring the company's workforce is well-managed and that HR initiatives support the organization's goals.

HR executives handle tasks such as talent acquisition, performance management, training and development programs, and employee engagement initiatives to maintain a productive and positive work environment.

They also collaborate with other departments to align HR strategies with the overall business objectives. With strong communication skills, strategic thinking, and knowledge of employment laws, an HR executive contributes significantly to building a high-performing team.\.

HR Director

The HR Director oversees all aspects of the human resources department, including strategic planning and policy development. They lead a team to ensure compliance with labor laws, employee relations, talent management, and organizational development.

Experience in executive leadership, change management, and shaping company culture are essential for an HR Director role. This position requires strong communication skills, business acumen, and the ability to drive organizational effectiveness through HR strategies that support the company's goals.

HR Coordinator

As an HR Coordinator, you are responsible for assisting in various HR functions and ensuring smooth operations. Your role involves supporting recruitment processes, coordinating training programs, managing employee records, and handling administrative tasks.

You also play a key role in facilitating communication between employees and management while implementing HR policies and procedures to support the organization's goals.

Your focus is on maintaining employee relations, resolving conflicts, and promoting a positive work environment. You must possess excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, strong communication abilities, and the capability to multitask effectively.

HR Generalist

An HR Generalist is responsible for various HR functions, including employee relations, performance management, onboarding, and policy implementation. They handle a broad range of tasks to support the overall human resources operations within an organization.

A strong HR Generalist resume should highlight skills such as conflict resolution, communication, employee engagement, and knowledge of labor laws and regulations.

Crafting a standout resume as an HR Generalist requires showcasing your experience in managing personnel issues, implementing HR programs, conducting interviews, and contributing to strategic planning.

HR Representative

The HR Representative plays a vital role in maintaining employee records and handling administrative tasks. They are responsible for assisting with payroll, benefits administration, and resolving employee queries.

An effective HR Representative communicates company policies to employees and ensures compliance with labor laws while supporting the HR team in various functions.

Let's now delve into the next topic about "HR Data Analyst" and understand its significance in the HR industry.

HR Data Analyst

An HR Data Analyst collects and interprets HR-related data to help organizations make informed decisions. They analyze employee demographics, turnover rates, and performance metrics to identify trends and provide insights for strategic planning.

These professionals also create reports and dashboards to visualize data, helping HR teams track key metrics for talent management and workforce planning. Additionally, they ensure data accuracy and compliance with privacy regulations while collaborating with HR leaders to drive data-driven initiatives.

By leveraging advanced analytical tools such as Excel, SQL, or Tableau, an HR Data Analyst plays a crucial role in enhancing organizational effectiveness through evidence-based decision-making.

HR Benefits Specialist

Transitioning from analyzing HR data to specializing in benefits, an HR Benefits Specialist manages and administers employee benefit programs. They ensure compliance with regulations, communicate plan options, and assist employees with benefit-related inquiries.

HR Business Partner

An HR Business Partner collaborates with business leaders to develop and implement HR strategies. They provide guidance on talent management, organizational development, employee relations, and performance management.

This role requires a strong understanding of business operations and the ability to align HR initiatives with overall company objectives.

In this position, you must possess exceptional communication skills, strategic thinking abilities, and a deep knowledge of HR best practices. Being an HR Business Partner also involves building relationships across various departments to foster a positive work environment while supporting the achievement of business goals.

HR Recruitment Coordinator

Transitioning from the role of an HR Business Partner, aspiring job seekers in India may also be interested in pursuing a career as an HR Recruitment Coordinator. As an HR Recruitment Coordinator, you will be responsible for supporting the recruitment and hiring process within the organization.

This involves collaborating with hiring managers and coordinating interviews, while also managing candidate communication and ensuring a positive experience throughout the hiring process.

Additionally, you'll get to assist with sourcing candidates, conducting initial screenings, and maintaining recruitment data to support decision-making processes.

HR Specialist

As an HR Specialist, you must possess strong analytical skills and attention to detail. Your role involves handling specific areas like recruitment, employee relations, or training and development.

Stay updated with the latest HR trends and technologies in order to excel in your field.

Craft a resume that highlights your expertise in these specialized areas, giving potential employers a clear understanding of your capabilities as an HR Specialist. Showcase your ability to streamline processes and enhance organizational efficiency by quantifying achievements using action verbs throughout your resume.

Chief HR Officer (CHRO)

The Chief HR Officer (CHRO) oversees all aspects of human resources, from recruiting and onboarding to employee development and retention strategies. This role requires strong leadership skills, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of labor laws and regulations.

CHROs play a crucial role in shaping the organizational culture and ensuring alignment between the company's goals and its workforce.

Professionals seeking to advance to the position of CHRO should focus on honing their people management skills, staying updated on industry trends, and showcasing their ability to drive positive change within organizations.

It's essential for aspiring CHROs to demonstrate a track record of implementing innovative HR initiatives that contribute to overall business success.


The Chief HR Officer (CHRO) plays a crucial role in overseeing the overall human resources function within an organization. As the head of HR, they are responsible for developing and implementing HR strategies to support the company's goals and objectives.

Additionally, they provide leadership and guidance to the HR team, ensuring that all aspects of talent management, employee relations, training and development, compensation and benefits, and compliance are effectively managed.

For those aspiring to reach this senior leadership position in their HR careers, it is essential to focus on gaining extensive experience across various HR functions while also demonstrating strong strategic thinking capabilities.

Developing expertise in change management, organizational development, and cultivating effective relationships with key stakeholders will be vital for aspiring VP HRs.

Crafting an impressive resume that highlights these skills coupled with relevant examples of driving impactful HR initiatives can help individuals stand out as qualified candidates for VP HR roles.

Crafting an Outstanding HR Resume

Craft an impressive profile summary that highlights your HR expertise and achievements. Utilize impactful bullet points to showcase your work experience and relevant HR skills.

Profile Summary

Highlight your HR expertise and key accomplishments in the profile summary. Showcase your experience, skills, and qualifications with a focus on HR manager roles. Emphasize your ability to lead teams, implement strategic initiatives, and drive organizational development.

Use keywords like "HR manager resume," "HR skills resume," and "Professional HR Manager Resume" to grab the attention of potential employers.

Craft an impactful profile summary that reflects your passion for human resources management while demonstrating your ability to contribute positively to the company's goals. Tailor the summary to align with the specific job requirements in India's dynamic job market.

Work Experience

Highlight your work experience using impactful action verbs and quantifiable achievements. Tailor your resume to showcase relevant HR roles you have held, demonstrating your skills in recruitment, employee relations, training, or HRIS management.

Emphasize your accomplishments and contributions to previous employers and show how you can add value to the prospective company.

Craft a compelling narrative around your work experience that aligns with the HR manager job requirements, emphasizing leadership abilities, project management skills, and successful implementation of HR strategies.


When crafting your HR resume, be sure to highlight your educational background. Include your highest level of education achieved, relevant degrees or certifications, and any specialized HR training you have completed.

Emphasize any academic achievements, honors, or awards that demonstrate your commitment to learning and development in the field of human resources.

Consider including relevant coursework and seminars attended that showcase your expertise in HR practices and principles. Also, list any professional affiliations with HR organizations or memberships in industry-related associations as they reflect a strong dedication to ongoing education within the HR field.

HR Skills

Develop HR skills like communication, conflict resolution, and employee relations to excel in the field. Gain proficiency in strategic planning, talent acquisition, and performance management.

Master data analysis, labor law compliance, and HRIS systems for a competitive edge.

Showcase expertise in recruitment strategies, training program development, and compensation management. Hone negotiation skills, problem-solving abilities, and leadership qualities to stand out as an exceptional HR professional.

How to Choose the Best HR Resume Template

Select a HR resume template that complements your professional style and effectively showcases your skills and experience. For more in-depth tips and examples, continue reading the full blog post.

Text-Only Templates

  • Use simple and clean layouts that focus on the content.
  • Ensure the font is professional and easy to read, such as Arial or Times New Roman.
  • Organize sections with clear headings for easy navigation.
  • Include bullet points to highlight key information and achievements effectively.
  • Utilize standard formatting for consistency throughout the resume.
  • Emphasize relevant skills and experience through strategic placement and formatting.
When crafting an outstanding HR resume, it's essential to consider various template options that best showcase your qualifications. Now let's move on to "Tips and Tricks for a Stellar HR Resume."

Adding Design Elements

To enhance your HR resume, consider adding design elements. These can make your resume visually appealing and help it stand out among others in the hiring process. When including design elements, here are some options to consider:

  1. Use a professional and clean layout that is easy to read.
  2. Incorporate a pop of color to highlight section headers or your name.
  3. Choose a modern and easy-to-read font such as Arial or Calibri.
  4. Include a touch of creativity with subtle graphical elements like lines or icons.
  5. Utilize white space effectively to give your resume a balanced look.
  6. Opt for a two - column format for showcasing information in an organized manner.

Tips and Tricks for a Stellar HR Resume

Craft a stellar HR resume by focusing on top skills, using impactful action verbs and quantifying achievements. Read more for expert insights!

Top Skills for HR Resumes

Highlight your communication skills, both written and verbal. Showcase your ability to work with diverse teams and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills. Emphasize your proficiency in employee relations, conflict resolution, and negotiation.

Highlight your experience with HRIS systems and data analytics tools. Illustrate your expertise in recruitment strategies, onboarding processes, and talent management. Demonstrate a solid understanding of labor laws, compliance regulations, and ethical practices within the HR field.

Action Verbs

Use action verbs like "implemented," "coordinated," and "facilitated" to showcase your HR achievements.

Utilize powerful action words such as "achieved," "enhanced," and "streamlined" to demonstrate your impact in previous roles. Incorporating these dynamic verbs will bring your HR resume to life, impressing potential employers with your proactive approach and valuable contributions in the field.

Crafting a compelling HR resume can be boosted by using strong action verbs that vividly illustrate your accomplishments and capabilities. This approach will undoubtedly elevate the overall impression of your professional profile and make you stand out from other applicants.

Impactful Bullet Points

Craft bullet points that showcase your achievements, skills, and responsibilities in each role.

Be specific and use quantifiable data to highlight your contributions.

Use action verbs and keywords from the job description to make your bullet points stand out.

Quantifiable Achievements

Highlight specific accomplishments in numbers or percentages, such as "Implemented a new employee training program resulting in a 20% increase in retention." Use metrics to showcase your impact, for example, "Reduced recruitment costs by $50,000 annually through the implementation of targeted sourcing strategies." Quantify your achievements with data-driven results to demonstrate your value and effectiveness.

Showcasing quantifiable achievements can make your HR resume stand out and grab the attention of potential employers looking for measurable impact.

Optimize your HR manager resume with tangible results like "Led successful diversity hiring initiatives resulting in a 30% increase in workforce diversity" or "Implemented performance management system leading to 15% improvement in employee productivity." Quantifying achievements adds credibility to your resume and provides concrete evidence of how you have positively contributed to previous organizations, making you an attractive candidate for HR manager roles.

Effective Summary Statements

Craft a compelling profile summary that showcases your HR expertise and highlights your unique value proposition. Clearly communicate your experience, skills, and qualifications in a concise yet impactful manner.

Tailor each summary statement to the specific job role, emphasizing key achievements and demonstrating how you can contribute to the organization's success. Use action-oriented language and quantifiable results to grab the recruiter's attention and set yourself apart from other candidates.

Your summary should encapsulate your professional journey and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

When drafting effective summary statements for your HR resume, remember to align them with the job requirements while showcasing your career progression and relevant accomplishments.

Utilize strong verbs like "implemented," "streamlined," or "optimized" to illustrate proactive contributions. Furthermore, focus on presenting measurable outcomes such as improved retention rates or successful talent acquisition initiatives using specific figures or percentages.

Relevant Certifications

Consider obtaining relevant certifications such as Professional in Human Resources (PHR) or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) to enhance your credentials. These certifications demonstrate your expertise and commitment to the HR field, making you a more competitive candidate for HR manager positions.

Additionally, acquiring certifications specific to areas like recruitment, benefits administration, or employee relations can further distinguish you in the job market.

Next up: "HR Resume Examples and Templates for 2024"

HR Resume Examples and Templates for 2024

Explore the latest HR resume examples and templates for 2024 to enhance your job application. Get inspired by tailored samples for various HR roles and step up in your career journey.


As an intern in the HR field, focus on gaining practical experience through tasks like organizing employee records, assisting with recruitment processes, and supporting training programs.

Emphasize your eagerness to learn and contribute effectively to the HR team by showcasing your strong communication skills, attention to detail, and ability to handle multiple tasks efficiently.

Highlight any relevant coursework or projects that demonstrate your understanding of HR principles and best practices.


Craft a standout entry-level HR resume by highlighting your relevant skills and any internships or volunteer work. Emphasize your educational achievements, such as relevant courses or certifications.

Use a clean and simple resume template to showcase your potential as an HR professional.

Tailor your profile summary to reflect your enthusiasm for the HR field and willingness to learn. Focus on transferable skills like communication, organization, and problem-solving.


Craft a standout junior HR resume by emphasizing relevant coursework or internships. Showcase skills like organization, communication, and problem-solving. Detail any experience with HR software and databases to highlight your tech-savvy side.

Use concise bullet points to describe achievements and projects from previous roles. Consider incorporating actionable verbs such as "coordinated," "implemented," and "assisted" to indicate hands-on contributions in team settings.

For junior-level positions, opt for a clean and simple template that focuses attention on your qualifications rather than design elements. Use headers, bold font, and strategic whitespace to make key sections such as education, skills, and work experience stand out clearly.


As a coordinator, showcase your ability to organize and manage tasks efficiently. Highlight your coordination skills, including scheduling, event planning, and communication abilities.

Emphasize your experience in handling multiple responsibilities simultaneously. Use action verbs like "coordinated," "managed," and "organized" to demonstrate your effectiveness.

Craft a professional profile summary that showcases your coordination skills and relevant experience. When listing work experience, focus on projects where you successfully coordinated between teams or departments.


Craft a standout HR representative resume by highlighting your communication skills, customer service experience, and attention to detail. Emphasize your ability to handle inquiries, resolve employee issues, and coordinate with various departments.

Tailor your resume to showcase your understanding of HR processes and regulations, along with relevant certifications or training in employee relations. Use action verbs and quantifiable achievements to demonstrate your impact in previous roles.

As you craft your HR Representative resume, keep in mind that potential employers are looking for candidates who can effectively communicate with employees while maintaining confidentiality and professionalism.

Make sure to include any experience with record-keeping or data analysis that showcases your attention to detail. Highlighting these key attributes will help set you apart as a strong candidate for an HR Representative position.

Data Analyst

Explore job opportunities as a data analyst in the HR field, gaining insights from various HR systems and databases. Analyze HR metrics to provide valuable recommendations for enhancing employee performance and engagement.

Utilize your expertise in data visualization tools to present findings effectively.

Next, let's dive into crafting an outstanding HR resume that highlights your skills and experience.


Craft a compelling conclusion to the Ultimate Guide to HR Manager Resume Examples and Templates for 2024. Highlight the benefits of using the provided information, without repeating or summarizing previous points.

Elevate your job hunt with top-notch HR manager resume examples and templates tailored for 2024. Polish your CV with the latest trends and tips in human resources management. Secure your career advancement by leveraging impactful resume strategies highlighted in this ultimate guide.

Stand out among competitors and land that dream HR manager position effortlessly!


1. What should I include in my HR manager resume for 2024?

Include your HR skills, qualifications, job experiences, and education. Use the latest HR manager resume examples and templates to showcase your career development effectively.

2. Where can I find HR manager resume samples?

You can find HR manager resume samples in guides or online platforms offering professional HR Manager Resume advice. These sources provide up-to-date formats and tips to make your application stand out.

3. How do I write a professional human resources manager resume?

Follow an ultimate guide for writing an HR manager resume that highlights your experience with human resources management. Include specific examples of your accomplishments and use keywords relevant to the job market trends.

4. What are the key skills to highlight on an HR manager’s CV?

Highlight skills such as team leadership, communication, conflict resolution, and strategic planning on your HR Manager's CV. Refer to recommended Human Resources Manager Resume Skills lists for more ideas.

5. Can you give me job hunting tips for landing an HR manager position in 2024?

Research current job market trends for Human Resources Managers and tailor your CV accordingly using updated templates or samples provided by our Ultimate Guide consisting of successful strategies like networking events attendance details and pointers on creating a compelling cover letter alongside your Curriculum Vitae (CV).

6. Are there any special sections I should add to my human resources resume?

Yes! Consider adding sections that show off additional certifications or courses related to Human Resource Management which could substantiate further why you'd be a perfect fit according to what is seen from successful applications through examples found within our guide packed with comprehensive insights into interview preparation amongst others.

HR Manager Text-Only Resume Templates and Samples


Phone: 0000000


Address: C-21, Sector-21, Delhi

About Me

Deputy Manager - HR

  • Offering a distinguished exposure of 9+ years in designing & implementing human resources programs & policies, including Talent acquisition, compensation & benefits, employee relations, training, and health & safety programs; possessing valuable insights, keen analysis & team approach to implement best practices & processes.
  • Expert in developing & nurturing partnerships through human resources to bridge the divide between management and employees; ensuring regulatory compliance with legal requirements pertinent to the day-to-day management of employees; 
  • Skilled in developing & maintaining effective relationships with the Senior Management and department heads; supporting the delivery for an end to end HR services across the business; using experience, skills & knowledge of the HR industry to make an impact in critical areas such as change management, organizational design & talent analytics
  • Rich experience in devising a strategy for High Performing Talent Acquisition in a challenging market. Hands-on with co-facilitated business reviews with management teams for nurturing high-potential resources; understanding of conceptualizing & implementing non-monetary R&R; Successfully implementing a new evaluation process for the employees and managers.
  • Proactive in performing the strategic role with respect to employee training & development; preparing the workforce for future positions within the company; succession planning, promotion from within policies & performance evaluation factor; imparting training, motivating employees & improving employee retention.
  • Excellent communication & people management skills that have been honed through managing multi-skilled teams. Exceptionally well-organized with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal & corporate goals


, Master of Business Administration, Completed, June 2003

H.R. College of Commerce and Economics

– Marks null

Noida, UP


  • ATD Certified Professional in Learning & Performance (CPLP), Completed , January 2021

Work Experience

Period: May 2021 - Current

Deputy Manager - Human Resources

Cornerstone International Group

Mumbai, MH
  • Responsible for providing HR support & guidance for multi-functional client organizations including manufacturing, and retail with various locations and employee levels
  • Supporting the HRD to achieve the HR & Development team’s strategic objectives, as set out in the HR Strategic Action Plan by acting as the HR lead on a range of different projects and responsibilities
  • Coordinating with recruiters & managers to identify, interview & select qualified candidates aligned to business needs; educating managers through performance reviews, terminations, reorganizations, and reductions in force
  • Imparting classroom & online training classes for new managers and conducting new leader assimilation sessions
  • Identifying & resolved employee relations matters, including policy violations & leadership accountability issues
  • at working in high-pressure environments with strict deadlines & multiple deliverables
  • Responsibility, with the HRD to ensure that all HR policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and continue to reflect both up-to-date employment law and best practice
  • Consulting with the business leadership team for business issues & innovative HR solutions; driving cost & manpower productivity across the BU's
  • Driving performance management and developmental programs for capability development; actively supporting and influencing change management to ensure internal HR transformation

Period: October 2013 - March 2017

Executive -HR

Eshana HR Consultants

Mumbai, MH
  • Coordinated with employees & management to communicate various HR policies, procedures, standards & regulations”; saved recruiting expenses by implementing the company's first employee referral bonus program
  • Developed alignment & high performance in a high-growth & dynamic business environment by designing/implementing new onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement initiatives
  • Introduced a flexible & well-received tool after introducing the company's first formal performance review program
  • Formulated & implemented company employee handbook
  • Ensured adherence to corporate policies, legal requirements, and health and safety guidelines.
    managed the payroll, employee benefits, corporate events, and team-building activities.


  • Human Resource Management   
  • Employee Engagement         
  • Payroll Administration 
  • Compensation & Benefits                
  • Employee Relations                  
  • Leadership Development
  • Manpower Planning                           
  • Organizational Development   
  • Performance Management
  • Recruitment                                       
  • Succession Planning                 
  • Talent Development
  • Training & Development                     
  • Grievance & Arbitration           
  • HR Policy Development
  • Health & Safety
  • Company Policy Management
  • Rules & Regulations Adherence
  • Employee Retention
  • Exit Interviews
  • Confidentiality


  • Punjabi
  • Hindi
  • English


  • Internet Applications
  • MS Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Operating System

  • Window

Personal Interests


  • Member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)
  • Human Capital Institute (HCI)
  • Yoga
  • Reading
article author

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