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DevOps Engineer Resume Samples (Text format)

About Me

Senior Level DevOps Engineer

  • Extensive experience of XX years in building tools and critical infrastructures that support the business’s site / software / application platforms; serving as a key member of engineering department and aids in deploying shared infrastructure and traffic management services
  • Skilled in performing functions required for the deployment, configuration, support, and troubleshooting of issues with the business’s site/software; making key decisions without much oversight inclusive of decisions on automation processes, tools, and resources for building sites/software as promptly and efficiently as possible
  • nstrumental in monitoring the engineering department’s tools & procedures and promotes their evolution alongside the business’s systems; plays an active role in building and improving the platform services inclusive of websites, software, and applications while hosting and managing database
  • Adept in designing and developing the business’s infrastructure architecture as well as developing automated scripts meant for building development and production environments; maintaining the business’s configuration and deployment tools, transforming them into a robust system in order to auto-scale the business’s platform
  • Highly familiar with the workings of Java, C++, and GoLang as well as expertise in cloud platforms, such as, Google App Engine


management, Master of Business Administration, Completed, March 2002

ABC School

CBSEMarks 70%, Division I

noida, Uttar Pradesh

Work Experience

May 2003 - August 2007


abc pvt ltd

noida, Uttar Pradesh

Key Result Areas:

  • Utilize various open source technologies
  • Use various tools to orchestrate solutions
  • Build independent web based tools, microservices and solutions
  • Write scripts and automation using Perl/Python/Groovy/Java/Bash
  • Configure and manage data sources like MySQL, Mongo, Elasticsearch, Redis, Cassandra, Hadoop, etc
  • Understand how various systems work
  • Understand how IT operations are managed

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained????
  • Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level???? Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????

Training Certifications

  • Arvind Yadav abc institute, 2009


Computer Proficiency

  • window


  • Hindi
  • English

Personal Interest

Exhibiting a desire to experience new cultures and environments—especially if your role would involve working with foreign colleagues, partners or clients—can really help your resume shine.


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DevOps Engineer Resume Sample

DevOps Engineer Resume Sample
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