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Informatics Nurse Specialist Resume Samples (Text format)

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Informatics Nurse Specialist

  • Instrumental in applying knowledge of nursing and informatics to assist in the design, development, and ongoing modification of computerized health care systems; educating staff and assisting in problem-solving to promote the implementation of the health care system
  • Extensive experience of XX years in a range of technological solutions for the development implementation and maintenance of data in a manner that benefits the organization; extensive history acting as the liaison between nursing staff and information technology staff
  • Skilled in the research of informatics with a specialization in nursing; in-depth working knowledge about clinical nursing practices and care delivery models; knowledge of different clinical system applications like patient classification in databases, documents related to surgical tracking, etc.
  • Adept at integrating technology with the clinic's systems to support provided healthcare plans; expertise in maintaining the confidentiality of patient information and managing data to keep it readily available for the physicians
  • Proficient in preparing reports on new case studies for life-threatening diseases, and determining treatment options; strong communication and interpersonal skills; possess excellent and exceptional analytical and technical skills


Clinical Informatics and Patient-Centered Technologies, Bachelor of Science, Completed, 2004-05-01

Delhi University

Marks null,


Work Experience

2018-03-01 - Current

Informatics Nurse Specialist

Nightingales Home Health Specialist

Pune, MH
  • Design, develop, select, test, implement, and evaluate new or modified informatics solutions, data structures, and decision-support mechanisms to support patients, healthcare professionals, and information management and human-computer / technology interactions within healthcare contexts
  • Disseminate information about nursing informatics science and practice to the profession, other healthcare professions, nursing students, and the public
  • Translate nursing practice information between nurses and systems engineers, analysts, or designers using object-oriented models or other techniques
  • Design, conduct, or provide support to nursing informatics research
  • Identify, collect, record, or analyze data that are relevant to the nursing care of patients
  • Provide consultation to nurses regarding hardware or software configuration
  • Use informatics science to design or implement health information technology applications to resolve clinical or healthcare administrative problems
  • Develop, implement, or evaluate health information technology applications, tools, processes, or structures to assist nurses with data management
  • Analyze and interpret patient, nursing, or information systems data to improve nursing services
  • Analyze computer and information technologies to determine applicability to nursing practice, education, administration, and research
  • Develop or implement policies or practices to ensure the privacy, confidentiality, or security of patient information; deliver training programs for health information technology, creating operating manuals as needed
  • Formulate strategies, policies, or procedures for introducing, evaluating, or modifying information technology applied to nursing practice, administration, education, or research

2010-06-01 - 2017-04-01

Informatics Nurse Specialist

Medwell Ventures Pvt. Ltd

  • Initiated conversion of paper records into electronic records and preserved sensitive data
  • Evaluated the cost of automated clinical systems for the hospital
  • Assigned responsibility to provide ongoing nursing informatics of currently admitted patients to physicians and nursing staff
  • Evaluated training requirements for the nursing staff and organized specialist lectures from industry professionals
  • Coordinated with nursing professionals to complete moderately complex tasks and major portions of clinical information system projects under expert supervision
  • Created precise queries to search for exact and relevant information from the hospital's database
  • Facilitated the shift and provided assistance to create training material for procedural changes implemented in the new system


  • Patient Education
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Program Development
  • Direct Patient Care
  • Mental Health
  • Rehabilitation
  • Primary Care
  • Compassion
  • Staff Education
  • Infection Control
  • PET
  • ICU
  • Excellent Interpersonal
  • Staff Development
  • Medicaid


  • English
  • Hindi

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Informatics Nurse Specialist Resume Sample

Informatics Nurse Specialist Resume Sample

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