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About Me

Strategic Planning professional

  • Extensive experience of XX years in developing, analyzing, and communicating business models to guide business decisions, promoting data-driven strategic change; leading strategic planning, and set and advocate for internal and external goals 
  • Skilled in providing high-level guidance on the company's strategic plan, consulting with organizational leaders and making presentations on the company's past and future performance; defining, tracking, and communicating metrics around new initiatives, comparing to previous outcomes 
  • Provide expert advice on strategic planning frameworks, tools and processes and contribute to decision making regarding strategic planning approaches; a proven track record in developing strategic plans that benefit the client; effective and persuasive leadership style; comfortable at all levels of an organization. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with team/work groups to accomplish goals; ability to facilitate discussions among multiple stakeholders with various and sometimes conflicting interests to achieve a cohesive and quality approach to planning that meets organizational objectives 
  • Demonstrable record in the successful delivery and management of strategic planning in a complex international organization; a good understanding of project cycle management including funded projects 


Sales management, Master of Business Administration, Completed, February 2002

Abc school

CBSEMarks 70%

Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Work Experience

February 2002 - March 2006



Noida, Uttar Pradesh

Key Result Areas: 

  • Create, articulate, and obtain buy-in for vision to align business strategy with organizational goals and objectives 
  • Lead and direct development of goals and strategies for strategic planning and business development 
  • Coordinate executive involvement in meetings and interactions with the executive leadership of members and potential members; negotiate agreements with customers/stakeholders to meet business objectives 
  • Champion planned changes, leverage relationships to socialize the changes and act as a role model for/early adopter of the change to demonstrate importance and address perceived impact 
  • Design approach strategies to grow and develop membership opportunities 
  • Identify and analyze costs/benefits of available options to support decision making and meet business expectations 
  • Evaluate current and future business needs; set vision and provide direction to align processes and standards with current and emerging business, technology, security and compliance requirements to meet business expectations 
  • Utilize industry knowledge to understand and anticipate customer/stakeholder needs and market trends; craft communications to address their needs 
  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders, to ensure that the services provided by the department are meeting company needs; monitor, report program and metrics/milestones to prevent and resolve issues 
  • Facilitate the creation of corporate metrics to assist organization in measuring performance; ensure development of metrics that align with achievement of long term enterprise strategies to meet business expectations. 
  • Serve as primary liaison with the leadership team to facilitate clear and efficient communication and decision making 
  • Work closely with business functions to identify risks and define balanced mitigation strategies to policies, controls, processes and/or procedures to meet business expectations 
  • Assess external drivers and emerging trends to determine potential risk impacts 
  • Objectively analyze enterprise level risk to enable consistent reporting and formulate investment strategies 
  • Prepare divisional budgets and forecasts ensuring effective and efficient use of resources 
  • Evaluate and manage employee performance, and establish employee training and development plans that align with organization development philosophy 
  • Develop and coach managers and high potential employees for growth opportunities 
  • Support and serve on internal and external committees, task forces and working groups as needed to ensure continuous process improvements are being made and business objectives are being met 

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained????
  • Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level???? Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????

May 1973 - October 1975



noij, Assam

Key Result Areas: 

  • Understood and shaped the company’s strategy and mission; developed plans to materialize strategy and analyze business proposals; monitored and analyzed industry trends and market changes 
  • Researched competition to identify threats and opportunities; assessed the company’s operational and strategic performance; aligned processes, resources-planning and department goals with overall strategy 
  • Educated senior executives in making effective decisions; constructed forecasts and analytical models 
  • Professionally exercise discretion to make timely recommendations and effectively solve problems, using independent judgment consistent with standards, practices, policies, procedures, regulations, and/or law  

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained????
  • Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level???? Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????

Training Certifications

  • Arvind Rawat Dr. M..g.r eduicational institute, 2005


Computer Proficiency

  • windows
  • MS Office


  • Hindi
  • English

Personal Interest

International travel: Make and plan annual trips to different countries to experience new cultures.


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Strategic Planning Resume Sample

Strategic Planning Resume Sample
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