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About Me


  • A highly motivated professional with the utmost expertise in the field of neuropsychology; ability to achieve high production standards and quality of work; ability to work with minimal supervision and can adapt to changing environments; excellent interpersonal skills and is able to communicate and collaborate effectively with co-workers from all levels
  • Extensive experience of XX years in conducting brain scans to diagnose a neurological disorder; recommending and proffering a treatment plan for a neuropsychological problem; carrying out psychotherapy, behavior therapy, and counseling to resolve a psychological issue 
  • Adept in determining the psychological and neurological status of a suspect; assisting medical doctors to gain a better understanding of a neurological problem in order to take appropriate steps; engaging in research to develop new approaches/methods of neurological treatment
  • Skilled in updating patients on mental health conditions, as well as providing them expert advice on how to recover; treating various neuropsychological illnesses such as disease, metabolic disease, and seizure disorders; designing and implementing rehabilitation strategies for patients with cognitive challenges
  • Deft in performing diagnostic tests to differentiate a neurogenic disorder from a psychogenic ailment; establishing standards for tracking the recovery progress of a patient; educating and instructing the psychology majors in an academic setting
  • Gained knowledge of the principles and theoretical concepts of brain injury pathophysiology, clinical effects, and treatment; conducted neuropsychological evaluations (inpatient and outpatient) and provide therapeutic interventions, including crisis counseling to individuals to facilitate and optimize neurotrauma clinical care management


Child Psychology, Doctor of Philosophy, Completed, 2010-07-01

Vidya Medical school

Marks null,

Noida, UP

Work Experience

2019-02-01 - Current


Health Basix

Noida, UP
  • Write or prepare detailed clinical neuropsychological reports using data from psychological or neuropsychological tests, self-report measures, rating scales, direct observations, or interviews
  • Provide psychotherapy, behavior therapy, or other counseling interventions to patients with neurological disorders
  • Provide education or counseling to individuals and families
  • Participate in educational programs, in-service training, or workshops to remain current in methods and techniques
  • Read current literature, talk with colleagues, and participate in professional organizations or conferences to keep abreast of developments in neuropsychology; interview patients to obtain comprehensive medical histories
  • Design or implement rehabilitation plans for patients with cognitive dysfunction
  • Distinguish between psychogenic and neurogenic syndromes, two or more suspected etiologies of cerebral dysfunction, or between disorders involving complex seizures
  • Diagnose and treat neural and psychological conditions in medical and surgical populations such as patients with early dementing illness or chronic pain with a neurological basis
  • Establish neurobehavioral baseline measures for monitoring progressive cerebral disease or recovery
  • Diagnose and treat psychiatric populations for conditions such as somatoform disorder, dementia, and psychoses
  • Diagnose and treat conditions involving injury to the central nervous system such as cerebrovascular accidents, neoplasms, infectious or inflammatory diseases, degenerative diseases, head traumas, demyelinating diseases, and various forms of dementing illnesses
  • Diagnose and treat pediatric populations for conditions such as learning disabilities with developmental or organic bases; compare patients' progress before and after pharmacologic, surgical, or behavioral interventions
  • Conduct neuropsychological evaluations such as assessments of intelligence, academic ability, attention, concentration, sensory-motor function, language, learning, and memory

2010-10-01 - 2012-05-01



Noida, UP
  • Evaluated research on assessments and diagnosis of psychological disorders
  • Investigated clinical cases of behavioral patterns inclined to neuropsychological disorders
  • Consulted with medical experts regarding studies conducted on the behavioral patterns of the patients
  • Maintained records of analysis psychological studies conducted on patients for future reference
  • Designed programs for assessment of behavioral and psychological patterns in order to perform rehabilitation for the patients; provided clinical studies for patients experiencing trauma due to brain injury
  • Implemented programs for rehabilitation to improve recovery of the patient proven to have psychological trauma
  • Conducted studies and thorough examinations of patients to conclude the psychological and behavioral issues
  • Conducted therapy sessions on psychologically disturbed patients and observed their improvements in the therapy
  • Assessed the cases of patients in order to provide the correct therapy for fast recovery


  • Psychological Services
  • Behavior Management
  • Clinical Services
  • Psychological Evaluations
  • Treatment Recommendations
  • Mental Health


  • Hindi
  • English

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Neuropsychologists Resume Sample

Neuropsychologists Resume Sample

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