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About Me

Metal Worker

  • Extensive experience of XX years in fabricating, assembling, installing, and repairing sheet metal products and equipment, such as ducts, control boxes, drainpipes, and furnace casings. Possess expertise in setting up and operating fabricating machines to cut, bend, and straighten sheet metal; shaping metal over anvils, blocks, or forms using a hammer operating soldering and welding equipment to join sheet metal parts inspecting, assembling, and smoothing seams and joints of burred surfaces
  • Skilled in installing assemblies, such as flashing, pipes, tubes, heating and air conditioning ducts, furnace casings, rain gutters, and downspouts, in supportive frameworks; selecting gauges and types of sheet metal or non-metallic material, according to product specifications
  • Deft in fastening seams and joints together with welds, bolts, cement, rivets, solder, caulks, metal drive clips, and bonds in order to assemble components into products or to repair sheet metal items; fabricating or altering parts at construction sites, using shears, hammers, punches, and drills
  • Adroit in developing and laying out patterns that use materials most efficiently, using computerized metalworking equipment to experiment with different layouts; securing the metal roof panels in place, then interlocking and fastening grooved panel edges
  • Adept in determining project requirements, including scope, assembly sequences, and required methods and materials, according to blueprints, drawings, and written or verbal instructions; maneuvering completed units into position for installation, and anchoring the units


Arts, Bachelor of Arts, Completed, February 2004

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE)

Manipal, Karnataka

Work Experience

February 2017 - Current

Metal Worker / Sheet Metal Worker / Production Manager Sheet Metal

Sony Refrigeration

Hotgi Station, Maharashtra

  • Followed-up blueprints effectively to create the item being specified
  • Determined what requirements are needed for a project and communicated with the proper department to acquire the correct amount of metal, essential tools, and any other necessary supplies
  • Measured pieces of metal to ensure they abide by the appropriate dimensions and cut them using lasers or saws
  • Fastened pieces of metal together to create a larger fabrication by using bolts, caulk, or any other bond you believe to be most appropriate for the component
  • Maintained tools and equipment when they are not being used by cleaning them and making any essential repairs
  • Installed fabrications occasionally by going to clients’ properties; some of the fabrications that generally need to be made include ducts, rain gutters, and flashing
  • Assisted with the hiring process of new apprentices
  • Trained apprentices in the process of fabricating metal items by showing them how to use all tools
  • Selected appropriate types of sheet metal, such as galvanized iron, copper, steel, aluminum
  • Drilled holes into ducts to bolt together; weld, solder, or rivet ducts together.
  • Operated fabricating machines such as shears, brakes, presses, and forming rolls to cut bend, block, and form or straighten materials; installed assemblies in a supportive framework.
  • Operated computer-aided drafting (CAD) equipment to develop scale drawings of products or systems.  Inspected assemblies and installation for conformance to specifications

September 2010 - April 2016

Metal Worker / Sheet Metal Worker

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation

Aurangabad, Maharashtra

  • Selected types of sheet metal or nonmetallic material
  • Measured and marked dimensions and reference lines on metal sheets
  • Drilled holes in metal for screws, bolts, and rivets
  • Installed metal sheets with supportive frameworks
  • Fabricated or altered parts at construction sites
  • Maneuvered large sheet metal parts to be installed, and anchored the parts
  • Fastened seams or joints by welding, bolting, riveting, or soldering

Training Certifications

  • Certified Sheet Metal Worker (CSMW) , 2016


  • Communicate 
  • Reason and Problem Solve
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Perceive and visualize
  • Time Management

Computer Proficiency

  • Window star3
  • Internet Applications star3


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati

Personal Interest

  • Sketching
  • Traveling
  • Reading


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Metal Worker Resume Sample

Metal Worker Resume Sample
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