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About Me


  • A highly qualified, dedicated plumber with XX years of experience in steam, water, and natural gas distribution systems maintenance and repair. Proficient knowledge of water distribution and wastewater disposal in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings and building codes. Adept in working all kinds of equipment that will help them in making repairs; educating the clients on proper care of the plumbing; looking for water damage that may have been caused and informing the owners
  • Deft in ensuring that all the safety measures of a building are in place; informing the clients in advance of the money they will charge and give an estimate; carrying out the inspection of other piping systems as well
  •  Skilled in fixing problems from the root cause and not performing quick fix measures; installing pipe assemblies, fittings, valves, appliances - dishwashers and water heaters, and fixtures such as sinks and toilets, using hand and power tools
  • Knowledge of steam, water, and natural gas distribution systems maintenance and repair; ability to use hand and power tools applicable to trade; capable to lead others in troubleshooting and emergency repairs


Arts, High School, Completed, 2002-04-01

Govt High School

State BoardMarks 70,

Noida, UP

, Plumbing Training and Apprenticeship, Completed, 2010-01-01

SH College

Delhi UniversityMarks null,

New Delhi,

Work Experience

2011-03-01 - Current

Construction / Plumbing Draftman

Aarvi Encon Pvt Ltd

Noida, UP
  • Reviewed blueprints and building codes and specifications to determine work details and procedures.
  • Studied building plans and inspect structures to assess material and equipment needs, establish the sequence of pipe installations, and planned installation around obstructions such as electrical wiring.
  • Kept records of assignments and produce detailed work reports.
  • Performed complex calculations and planning for special or very large jobs.
  • Located and marked the position of pipe installations, connections, passage holes, and fixtures in structures, using measuring instruments such as rulers and levels.
  • Measured, cut, threaded, and bent pipe to the required angle, using hand and power tools or machines such as pipe cutters, pipe-threading machines, and pipe-bending machines.
  • Repaired and maintained plumbing, replace defective washers, replace or mend broken pipes, and open clogged drains.
  • Directed workers engaged in pipe cutting and preassembly and installation of plumbing systems and components.

2003-01-01 - 2010-10-01

Construction / Plumber

Fixpartfacility management Pvt Ltd

Noida, UP
  • Followed-up blueprints and drawings to understand or plan the layout of plumbing, waste disposal, and water supply systems.
  • Assembled and installed pipes and tubes with attention to existing infrastructure (e.g. electrical wiring).
  • Installed and maintained water supply systems.
  • Located and repaired issues with water supply lines (e.g. leaks).
  • Repaired or replace broken drainage lines, clogged drains, faucets, etc.
  • Repaired domestic appliances (e.g. washing machines) and fixtures (e.g. sinks) etc.
  • Installed and maintained gas and liquid heating systems (air-conditioning units, radiators, etc.).
  • Installed waste disposal and sanitary systems with well-functioning systems.
  • Determined the amount of material and type of equipment needed.


Hard Skills

  • Sewage lines
  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • PEX
  • PVC
  • Venting

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Time-Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Work Ethic
  • Customer service
  • Computer Proficiency


  • English
  • Hindi

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Plumbing Resume Sample

Plumbing Resume Sample

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