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About Me

Paralegal Professional

  • Extensive experience of XX years in carrying out office administration, including billing and writing letters; organizing diaries, scheduling meetings and responding to telephone queries; writing first document drafts and proofreading documents; organizing case files, attending court inquests, transcribing legal opinion and compiling litigation bundles  
  • Deft in preparing affidavits, legal correspondence, and other documents for attorneys; organizing and maintaining documents in a paper or electronic filing system; filing pleadings with court clerk; preparing briefs, wills, contracts, real estate closing statements, pleadings, appeals, and other legal documents  
  • Skilled in investigating facts and laws of cases and searching public records and other resources to prepare cases and determine causes of action; gathering and analyzing statutes, decisions, and legal articles, codes, documents, and other data; keeping law library up-to-date by monitoring legal volumes.  
  • Possess legal research skills and the desire to develop your understanding of the law; good teamwork skills mainly when working with other departments to complete your tasks; flexibility and adaptability in your attitude and approach to work; business acumen and an understanding of the client's needs  


Law and Finance, Bachelor of Arts, Completed, 2004-04-01


Marks null,

Bangalore, KA

Work Experience

2013-02-01 - Current

Corporate Paralegal / Sr. Paralegal/India Secretary

Cabot Corporation

Mumbai, MH
  • Provide support to attorneys in a corporation's legal department or a law firm with a focus on business legal matters; monitor and ensure compliance with state, local, and federal regulations
  • Prepare and review legal documents including employee contracts, confidentiality agreements, stock certificates, shareholder agreements, financial reports, articles, lease agreements
  • Maintain and manage databases; assist with employee benefit plans
  • Prepare and file documentation including state tax registrations and IRS forms
  • Research and prepare documentation for the formation and maintenance of corporate, partnership, and LLC entities
  • Prepare and track paperwork for mergers, acquisitions, dissolutions, amendments, and withdrawals
  • Compile necessary data and prepare audit letters; draft shareholder consents and proxies
  • Draft corporate resolutions and related documents; maintain and organize minute books  

2007-08-01 - 2012-04-01

Paralegal / Paralegal Assistant or Associate

Mangalam Placement Private Limited

Mumbai, MH
  • Conducted pre-claim investigation, legal research, and initial case assessments
  • Drafted pleadings, motions, and appellate documents and file them with the court
  • Performed administrative duties (calendar hearings and deadlines, organize case files, manage logistics, etc)
  • Maintained pleadings and discovery indexes
  • Organized exhibits, documents, evidence, briefs, and appendices
  • Aided attorneys with interrogatories and other discovery requests
  • Gathered relevant information from a variety of sources
  • Liaised between trial teams and internal/external third parties 
  • Helped with jury selection and witnesses preparation
  • Assisted with case settlements  


  • Attention to detail
  • Multitasking
  • Observation
  • Sharp Memory
  • Writing 
  • Critical thinking
  • Empathy
  • Teamwork


  • Marathi
  • Hindi
  • English

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Paralegal Resume Sample

Paralegal Resume Sample

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