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About Me

Court Clerk

  • An Accomplished Court Clerk, a Seasoned Court Clerk offering insight and experience on a wide array of court cases; dependable prompt, and skilled at record keeping and case processing
  • Extensive experience of XX years in preparing, reviewing, and processing legal documents, correspondence, motions, and orders  
  • Skilled in completing court-related forms such as petitions and warrants; collecting fines, fees, and bond payments; preparing the dockets of scheduled cases  
  • Adept in recording documentation of name changes, marriage licenses, business licenses, and adoption records; balancing and reconciling daily cash receipts; administering oaths to witnesses in court  
  • Strong understanding of legal research with proven ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously and rapidly resolve complex legal issues  
  • Able to do research, analyze complex information and think logically; computer literate with complete knowledge of the judicial system; excellent time-management and documentation skills  


Law and Finance, Bachelor of Laws, Completed, 1964-08-01

Banaras Hindu University

Marks null,

Varanasi , UP

Work Experience

2014-03-01 - Current

Court Clerk / Law Clerk

Bombay High Court

  • Perform a variety of administrative tasks for the courts; prepare dockets of cases to be called  
  • Secure information about court cases for judges; contact witnesses, lawyers, and attorneys
  • Process legal documents; manage court records; schedule court cases
  •  Audit files to ensure accuracy and completeness
  • Prepare, file, and forward documents; assemble all documents needed for a trail 
  • Identify and request missing material; review documents to ensure procedures are accurate  
  • Record minutes of court proceedings; transcribe minutes
  • Administer oaths taken by jurors and witnesses
  • Prepare and maintain a docket of scheduled cases; record witness testimonies 
  • Document court orders and fines; notify participants about trial details
  • Arrange and record payments for fees and court costs
  • Process passports; swear in new citizens
  • Manage official documents related to mortgages, marriage licenses, and deeds
  • Uphold all court files and records to ensure they stay up-to-date and accessible  

2002-11-01 - 2013-10-01

Court Clerk

Owens Career Center

Thane, MH
  • Answered the phone to take messages and transfer calls to the applicable colleague
  • Recorded the minutes of meetings and court proceedings 
  • Assisted in all office management and administrative processes
  • Created calendars of cases to be called
  • Prepared and distribute court orders including probation orders, sentencing information, and court summonses; collect court fines and maintain records of amounts collected
  • Ensured that all legal documents submitted adhered to the law and court procedures
  • Performed basic bookkeeping tasks; administer oaths and affirmations  


  • Legal Research
  • Litigation
  • Government
  • Criminal Law
  • Legal Writing
  • Court Proceedings
  • Criminal Justice
  • Public Policy
  • Compliance 


  • English
  • Hindi

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Court Clerk Resume Sample

Court Clerk Resume Sample

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