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  • Extensive experience of XX years in studying the life processes of animals and their environment; monitoring plant and animal habitats, determines which animals are affecting nature in a detrimental way, and helps restore and conserve animal habitats
  • Skilled in taking care and distribution of zoo animals, working with zoo directors to determine the best way to contain animals, maintain their habitats and manage facilities; knowledge of plant and animal organisms, tissues, cells, functions, and interactions with each other and the environment
  •  Adept in identifying, recording and monitoring species of animals; managing large data sets and use statistical software packages; using modelling software to predict future scenarios, such as changes in habitats or population numbers
  • Rehabilitating and releasing animals back into their natural environment; identifying, monitoring and addressing invasive species and other threats; keeping up-to-date with relevant research, policies and legislation
  • Adroit in evaluating past wildlife habitat improvement projects to determine effectiveness of meeting goals and objectives; write technical documents for wildlife hazard management; developing and sharing information pertinent to the protection or restoration of trust resources

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  • Master of Science, animals

abc college


greater noida, Uttar Pradesh

Graduated, January 2009

Marks 70 %

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Work Experience

April 2014 - Current

wildlife biologist


greater noida, Jammu and Kashmir

Key Result Areas:

  • Develop alternative solutions for the restoration of injured or lost trust resources and habitat
  •  Implement quality assurance/quality control plans to ensure the data collected and products prepared meet all standards and regulations
  •  Provide habitat services to private landowners and land managers to increase the quantity and quality of fish and wildlife habitat
  •  Plan and develop funding proposals, coordinate and implement cooperative habitat projects to optimize carrying capacity for wildlife
  •  Evaluate wildlife habitat/range conditions, collect data, and recommend management or projects to improve terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitat
  •  Enhance public awareness and knowledge of the value of healthy habitats and the need to maintain diverse, productive, and sustainable watersheds to meet wildlife needs
  •  Modify or adapt established animal damage control techniques to meet local conditions and address specific environmental, economic, or political considerations
  •  Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other agencies, organizations, institutions, industry groups, and individuals in meeting program needs and goals
  •  Perform duties relating to wildlife management and use of control techniques aimed at controlling wildlife damage
  •  Perform damage control operations relating to the cessation, alleviation, or mitigation of problems created by carnivores, rodents, birds, and other animals in urban or rural environments
  •  Provide technical and operational assistance to federal, state, and county agencies in the reduction of wildlife-borne diseases by the management of wild mammal and bird vectors carrying pathogens that may adversely affect human health

 Key Highlights:

  •  Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained???? Major assignments handled???? 
  •  Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level? Any major accounts/clients handled??? 
  •  Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements???? 
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  • English
  • French


  • Father’s Name:Mr. rakesh yadav
  • Birthday:18/10/1986
  • Gender:Male
  • Marital Status:Married
  • Nationality:Indian


Greater Noida - 201310
Uttar Pradesh


Rakesh Yadav

greater noida , Uttar Pradesh


U72627 U72627

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