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About Me

Animal Trainer

  • Extensive experience of XX years inspeaking with animal owners or trainers to determine their goals and expectations; developing an understanding of animal behavior; creating training regimes for animals; monitoring animals for health and behavioral issues, learning about their unique abilities
  • Instrumental in feeding and medicating animals; using positive reinforcement and other techniques toelicit desired animal behavior; providing updates to other parties about the progress and condition of the animals; educating others about animals, their behavior, training, and environment
  • Skilled in providing general care to animals, such as grooming, cleaning habitats or sleeping areas, and familiarizing animals with human voices and contact; excellent organizational and time management skills; ability to work independently or in a team environment
  • Exceptional knowledge about animal behavior and in-depth information about various veterinary medical equipment; ability to conduct group or private classes to teach obedience techniques to aggressive animals; identifying risky situations, and moving people to safe zones to control stray animals

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  • Master of Arts, Animal Psychology

ABC College

Animal Psychology

Delhi, Delhi

Completed, April 2003

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Work Experience

June 2004 - November 2011

Animal Trainer


Delhi, Delhi

Key Result Areas:

  • Train horses or other equines for riding, harness, show, racing, or other work, using knowledge of breed characteristics, training methods, performance standards, and the peculiarities of each animal
  • Talk to or interact with animals to familiarize them to human voices or contact
  • Conduct training programs to develop or maintain desired animal behaviors for competition, entertainment, obedience, security, riding, or related purposes
  • Use oral, spur, rein, or hand commands to condition horses to carry riders or to pull horse-drawn equipment; train dogs in human assistance or property protection duties
  • Retrain horses to break bad habits, such as kicking, bolting, or resisting bridling or grooming
  • Observe animals' physical conditions to detect illness or unhealthy conditions requiring medical care
  • Feed or exercise animals or provide other general care, such as cleaning or maintaining holding or performance areas; train dogs to work as guides for the visually impaired
  • Evaluate animals to determine their temperaments, abilities, or aptitude for training
  • Place tack or harnesses on horses to accustom horses to the feel of equipment
  • Administer prescribed medications to animals; evaluate animals for trainability and ability to perform
  • Keep records documenting animal health, diet, or behavior
  • Advise animal owners regarding the purchase of specific animals
  • Train and rehearse animals, according to scripts, for motion picture, television, film, stage, or circus performances; organize or conduct animal shows; instruct jockeys in handling specific horses during races

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained????Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improve customer satisfaction level? Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????


November 2011 - October 2018

Animal Trainer


Delhi, Delhi

Key Result Areas:

  • Trainedanimals such as elephants, lions, dolphins, dogs, cats, monkeys, or other wild or domesticated animals for various activities such as performances or to assist the disabled
  • Trainedhorses to perform at competitions; reinforced good behavior with treats or praise
  • Repeatedtraining for several months until goals have been achieved
  • Ensuredanimal gets proper physical exercise, a nutritious diet, and adequate shelter
  • Providedmental stimulation for animal; ensured animal receives proper medical care
  • Trainedanimals to participate in educational programs at zoos
  • Familiarizedanimals with the sound and touch of humans
  • Trainedanimals to perform tricks; trained animals to perform for movies or theater productions
  • Preparedanimals for circus routines; evaluated new animals to determine training aptitude
  • Rewardedanimal during and after performance; ensured safety of animal is a top priority at all times
  • Feed animal nutritious meals according to a proper diet; observed animals for injury or illness
  • Administeredmedication as needed and dress or treat injuries
  • Traineddogs to work with law enforcement and track down drugs and fleeing suspects
  • Assessed animals brought to the shelter to determine their health conditions, and coordinated with veterinary doctors for treating sick animals
  • Collaborated with other volunteers to keep cages, sleeping units, and grooming zones sanitized
  • Interacted with pets, and stray animals to help them get used to shelter home surrounding, and trained them using different signs or commands
  • Followed owners' instructions for their pets' diet, and taught obedience to pups, kittens, mules, and other animals; provided training to pets to assist people with disability, and protect apartments from burglaries
  • Understood characteristics of multiple breeds, and learned techniques to control aggressive animals

Key Highlights:

  • Any existing systems/ processes streamlined???? Results obtained????Major assignments handled????
  • Any unique initiative taken to improvecustomer satisfaction level?Any major accounts/clients handled???
  • Awards/appreciation letters received???? Other relevant achievements????
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Computer Proficiency

Operating Systems

  • MS Office – Word, Excel and PowerPoint star3


  • Internet Applications star3
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  • English star3
  • Hindi star3

Personal Details

  • Birthday:


Address Details



Delhi - 212652


U72627 U72627

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