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About Me

Animal Breeder

  • An Accomplished Professional Skilled in selecting and breeding animals according to their genealogy, characteristics, and offspring; knowledge of artificial insemination techniques and equipment use; involve in keeping records on heats, birth intervals, or pedigree
  • Extensive experience of XX years in researching and learning genealogy and animal specifics; taking care of animals that will be bred, including feeding and watering them, seeking care for injury and ailments, having them vaccinated, and tending to their living environment
  • Skilled in observing ovulation cycles and patterns of mating; assessing and recording data regarding fertility; arranging the sale of animals or rehousing; organizing medical procedures such as neutering for newborn animals
  • Adept in cleaning cages, feeding, checking for health problems; applying artificial insemination techniques; selecting animals for breeding; keeping daily records of diets, weights, and changes in behavior; exhibiting animals at shows


veterinary Science, Master of Veterinary Science, Completed, 2009-05-01

Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology - [KIIT]

Marks null,

Bhubaneswar, OR

Work Experience

2013-02-01 - Current

Animal Breeder / Breeder Farm Manager

Stiva Francis For Zorabian Chicken

  • Attach rubber collecting sheaths to the genitals of tethered bulls and stimulate animal's organs to induce ejaculation; prepare containers of semen for freezing and storage or shipment, placing them in dry ice or liquid nitrogen
  • Package and label semen to be used for artificial insemination, recording information such as the date, source, quality, and concentration
  • Feed and water animals, and clean and disinfect pens, cages, yards, and hutches
  • Place vaccines in drinking water, inject vaccines, or dust air with vaccine powder to protect animals from diseases; remove skin or other body parts from animals
  • Select animals to be bred, and semen specimens to be used, according to the knowledge of animals, genealogies, traits, and desired offspring characteristics
  • Treat minor injuries and ailments and contact veterinarians to obtain treatment for animals with serious illnesses or injuries
  • Observe animals in heat detect the approach of estrus and exercise animals to induce or hasten estrus, if necessary; arrange for the sale of animals and eggs to hospitals, research centers, pet shops, and food processing plants
  • Measure specified amounts of semen into calibrated syringes, and insert syringes into inseminating gun syringe into the vagina and depressing syringe plunger\
  • Adjust controls to maintain specific building temperatures required for animals' health and safety
  • Examine semen microscopically to assess and record the density and motility of gametes, and dilute semen with prescribed diluents, according to formulas
  • Perform animal breeding procedures; record animal characteristics such as weights, growth patterns, and diets; brand, tattoo, or tag animals to allow animal identification
  • Mark agricultural or forestry products for identification
  • Promote agricultural or hunting activities; build hutches, pens, and fenced yards
  • Perform procedures such as animal dehorning or castration

2010-07-01 - 2012-11-01

Animal Breeder

Francis Govind Chicken Farm

  • Analyzedideas and use logic to determine their strengths and weaknesses
  • Developed rules that group items in various ways
  • Use reasoning to discover answers to problems
  • Noticed when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong
  • Understoodnew information or materials by studying and working with them
  • Combined several pieces of information and draw conclusions
  • Recognize the nature of a problem
  • Followed guidelines to arrange objects or actions in a certain order
  • Judged the costs and benefits of a possible action
  • Oversaw the welfare, feeding, monitoring, record-keeping, care, and day-to-day management of the animals in the department; oversaw room set-up and initial inspections for mother animals
  • Confirmed that all animals have proper feed &water; monitored and assisted mother animals during birth
  • Monitored the health of all animals; managed proper euthanization of mother and baby animals
  • Oversaw that nursery processes are completed and that wounds are treated (tail length, castration, tattooing, ruptures)
  • Ensure proper ventilation to animals and assign heat lamp management
  • Oversaw general maintenance of the facility including cleanliness, pest control, feed systems, power washing, etc.


  • Knowledge of Veterinary Science
  • Physical stamina
  • Listening 
  • Physical strength
  • Time management
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Patience 


  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • English

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Animal Breeder Resume Sample

Animal Breeder Resume Sample

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