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  • An Accomplished Epidemiologist skilled epidemiologist talented in dealing with tasks related to treating and preventing infectious diseases; influential in developing standards and guidelines in the investigation of causes of disabilities diseases and other ill health conditions
  • Background in the formation of patient safety and advancements in care
  • Extensive experience of XX years in conducting complex analyses of epidemiological, healthcare, and disease prevention data and preparing related reports; researching information on epidemiological, healthcare, and disease prevention issues for inclusion in reports
  • Skilled in recommending new programs or changes to existing disease intervention programs to reduce morbidity and mortality rates; conducting research on epidemiological, healthcare, and disease prevention data and the preparation of tables, graphs, and data summaries for inclusion in reports
  • Instrumental in supervising the design and administration of surveys to collect and report epidemiological, healthcare, and disease prevention data; overseeing the development, maintenance, and quality of major epidemiological, healthcare, and prevention databases including information
  • Thorough knowledge of the basic principles and methods of epidemiology; sound understanding of biostatistics as applied to epidemiology; knowledge of the methods to control communicable and chronic health problems
  • Familiar with the application of computers to the analysis and management of epidemiological data and significant knowledge of the transmission of infectious diseases and the pathologic processes leading to disease
  • Well-developed skills in epidemiological research and presentation; knowledge of epidemiology infectious diseases and healthcare; experience in the development of performance analysis and methodology; ability to design innovative theories in relation to healthcare concerns associated with infections


Epidemiology, Master of Science, Completed, 2015-06-01

ABE Engineering

Marks 70,

Noida, UP

Work Experience

2018-08-01 - Current

Associate Director – Epidemiologist

Recruise India Consulting Pvt Ltd

Noida, UP
  • Participated in research activities, special investigations, and descriptive and analytic studies relating to specific diseases; interprets results and adapts to epidemiology programs and related programs
  • Prepared technical reports and scientific articles and participates in grant-writing activities
  • Designs and implements epidemiological studies and surveillance systems
  • Determined and utilized appropriate statistical methods to evaluate and interpret data
  • Interacted with the media and conveys information to the public
  • Provided consultation to healthcare professionals, community organizations, and others on specific diseases, injuries, or conditions; designed extraction coding and data usage for multi-site studies
  • Lectured for various organizations on diseases, injuries, or conditions; prepared educational materials for public distribution; planned and participated in epidemiological studies
  • Interpreted data to determine risks from exposure to chemicals or biological agents
  • Led the development research program for automating medical facilities and equipment
  • Developed data collection forms data collection strategies and data analysis guidelines
  • Prepared coordinated implemented and managed independent epidemiology research
  • Monitored scientific research conducted by associate scientists during complex laboratory experiments testing and analysis; accountable for risk management and trial protocols
  • Provided supervision mentorship and leadership to all assigned research teams
  • Ensured compliance of research development with internal and external quality requirements 

2011-09-01 - 2017-04-01

Senior Epidemiologist


Bengaluru, KA
  • Perform statistical analysis and programming in support of research projects
  • Analyze data using statistical and biostatistical techniques
  • Work collaboratively with the scientific team to provide operational parameters for ongoing research
  • Translate the results of the research through technology transfer
  • Coordinate activities by scheduling work assignments, setting priorities, and directing the work of subordinate employees; determine the adequacy and progress of work projects in epidemiology control
  • Maintain records, prepares reports, and composes correspondence relative to the work
  • Formulate policies, procedures, and plans for the conduct of existing and new sub-programs in epidemiological control and assessment
  • Plan and develop grant applications for various funds which are available to develop programs to investigate epidemiological problems
  • Direct the investigation of disease outbreaks, communicable diseases, chronic illness conditions, disease risk factors, or other adverse health outcomes
  • Plan, designed, and coordinate special projects investigating epidemiological problems
  • Oversee the collection of data from local agencies, interviewing cases, and controls
  • Direct and coordinate the design and management of the surveillance of diseases of public health importance and conducts the analysis of the data
  • Coordinate and review epidemiological analyses of environmental chemical exposures or health effects from such exposures; direct corrective action to prevent or alleviate public health problems
  • Select and assign staff, ensuring equal employment opportunities in hiring and promotion
  • Identify staff development and training needs and ensures that training is obtained
  • Evaluate and verify employee performance through the review of completed work assignments and work techniques; ensure proper labor relations and conditions of employment are maintained


  • SAS
  • Data Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Patients
  • Infectious Disease
  • Data Management
  • Surveillance Data
  • Technical Assistance
  • Statistical Software
  • Health Data
  • Technical Reports
  • Public Health Issues
  • Analyze Data
  • Risk Factors
  • Study Design
  • Data Entry


  • Hindi
  • English

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Epidemiologists Resume Sample

Epidemiologists Resume Sample

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