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Urban Planner

  • Extensive experience of XX years in designing, promoting and administering government plans and policies affecting land use, zoning, public utilities, community facilities, housing, and transportation.
  • Holding public meetings and conferring with government, social scientists, lawyers, developers, the public, and special interest groups to formulate and develop land use or community plans.
  • Skilled in creating, preparing, or requisition graphic and narrative reports on land use data, including land area maps overlaid with geographic variables such as population density
  • Adept in conducting field investigations, surveys, impact studies or other research in order to compile and analyze data on economic, social, regulatory and physical factors affecting land use
  • Keep informed about economic and legal issues involved in zoning codes, building codes, and environmental regulation
  • Mediate community disputes and assist in developing alternative plans and recommendations for programs or projects
  • Expert in supervising and coordinating the work of urban planning technicians and technologists


Architecture, Master of Architecture, Completed, 2001-02-01

Urban Planning

University of DWSMarks 70,


Work Experience

2005-01-01 - Current

Urban Planner

GBC Pvt Ltd

Bengaluru, KA


  • Prepare Environmental Impact Assessment, Site Analysis, and Environmental Audit Reports
  • Prepare Physical layout plans for residential, Commercial, Institutional, Recreational, Industrial areas, and Tourism Development plans
  • Conduct Socio-economic impact assessment and Demographic studies
  • Meet with public officials, developers, and the public regarding development plans and land use
  • Gather and analyze economic and environmental studies, censuses, and market research data
  • Conduct field investigations to analyze factors affecting land use
  • Review site plans submitted by developers
  • Assess the feasibility of proposals and identify needed changes
  • Recommend whether proposals should be approved or denied
  • Present projects to communities, planning officials, and planning commissions
  • Stay current on zoning or building codes, environmental regulations, and other legal issues
  • Determine the effects of regulatory limitations on projects
  • Assess the feasibility of proposals and identify necessary changes

1964-03-01 - 1966-07-01

Infrastructure Planner

ABCD Pvt Ltd

  • Formulated long-range aims and objectives to meliorate the impacted communities and help them cope with modifications and growth
  • Examined the market investigation information, economical aspects, environmental surveys, political factors, census results, cultural issues, etc.
  • Maintained effective contacts with contractors and other construction experts to acquire talented and competent laborers
  • Studied the critical aspects which hinder the process of making efficient use of land by performing thorough field research
  • Stayed updated with the legal land planning regulations, planning permits, environmental policies, zoning codes, etc., and adhering to the federal and state protocols
  • Controlled the planning disputes and supplying evidence for the appeals made


  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Design Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management


  • Garhwali
  • Banjari
  • English
  • Hindi

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Urban Planner Resume Sample

Urban Planner Resume Sample

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