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  • An Accomplished Aquacultural Manager Skilled in directing and coordinating, through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities of workers engaged in fish hatchery production for corporations, cooperatives, or other owners
  • Extensive experience of XX years in breeding and harvesting of fish, shellfish, plants, and animals that live in bodies of water such as lakes, oceans, and rivers; raising fish and shellfish and ensuring their environment is suitable for them to thrive and grow; monitoring the stock in the environment
  • Specialized in producing seafood from hatcheries and even growing plants that can be harvested for a multitude of purposes such as pharmaceuticals and food; helping in restore (or stock) bodies of water with fish or shellfish to increase populations
  • Significant knowledge of plant and animal organisms, their tissues, cells, functions, interdependencies, and interactions with each other and the environment; understanding of raw materials, production, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective manufacture & distribution of goods
  • Adept in directing and monitoring trapping and spawning of fish, egg incubation, and fry rearing, applying knowledge of management and fish culturing techniques; determining, administering, and executing policies relating to operations administration and standards, and facility maintenance


Arts and Design, Master of Arts, Completed, 2007-04-01

DAV College of Education.

Marks 70,

Noida, UP

Work Experience

2010-05-01 - Current

Aquacultural Manager

Centre For Aquatic Livelihood Jaljeevika

Pune, MH
  • Grow fish and shellfish as cash crops or for release into freshwater or saltwater
  • Perform manual agricultural, aquacultural, or horticultural tasks
  • Supervise and train aquaculture and fish hatchery support workers
  • Conduct employee training programs
  • Supervise employees, collect and record growth, production, and environmental data
  • Compile operational data maintain operational records
  • Conduct and supervise stock examinations to identify diseases or parasites
  • Evaluate the quality of materials or products.
  • Account for and disburse funds
  • Approve expenditures
  • Devise and participate in activities to improve fish hatching and growth rates, and to prevent disease in hatcheries
  • Monitor environments to ensure the maintenance of optimum conditions for aquatic life
  • Monitor facilities or operational systems
  • Coordinate the selection and maintenance of broodstock
  • Direct and monitor the transfer of mature fish to lakes, ponds, streams, or commercial tanks.
  • Manage agricultural or forestry operations.
  • Identify environmental requirements of a particular species, and select and oversee the preparation of sites for species cultivation.
  • Design and construct pens, floating stations, and collector strings or fences for sea farms
  • Perform manual agricultural, aquacultural, or horticultural tasks

2008-01-01 - 2010-10-01

Aquacultural Manager

OMICS International Conference

Begusarai, BR
  • Managed the overall operation of a fish hatchery, fish farm, or other aquatic farms
  • Identified requirements of the species and selected and oversaw the preparation of the site for species cultivation
  • Co-ordinated selection and maintenance of broodstock
  • Determined food requirements and structure feeding regimes
  • Conducted and supervised stock examinations to identify diseases or parasites, and applied prescribed medicinal substances to control and prevent infection
  • Operated and maintained cultivating and harvesting equipment
  • Collected and recorded growth and production data
  • Managed and trained aquaculture and fish hatchery support workers and supervised technicians and technologists; monitored environment and maintained optimum conditions
  • Maintained financial records and established market strategies, inventory, and quality control methods


  • Fish farm operations
  • Fish Health and Welfare
  • Hatchery operations and production
  • Shellfish operations and production
  • Health and safety for the production environment
  • Communication
  • Management


  • Hindi
  • English

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Aquacultural Manager Resume Sample

Aquacultural Manager Resume Sample

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