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Agricultural Inspector Resume Samples (Text format)

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Agricultural Inspector

  • Seasoned and versatile management professional with cross-functional experience of XX years in inspecting agricultural commodities, processing equipment, and facilities, to ensure compliance with regulations and laws governing health, quality, and safety
  • Skilled in checking buildings and equipment; ensuring all work onsite complies with H&S legislation; ensuring all staff are using protective clothing and equipment properly; investigating complaints and accidents; checking safety training and H&S record; writing reports and making recommendations for improvements
  • Checking farm records for stock movements and animal numbers, etc.; acting impartially and professionally at all times; collecting and analyzing data; issuing certificates of compliance; inspecting the health and welfare of livestock; investigating animal welfare complaints/reports; planning for the prevention and spread of disease
  • Keeping up to date with legislative changes and imparting this to farmers; inspecting animal welfare conditions; ensuring that work practices on farms meet specifically defined criteria; checking crop management and production systems; ensuring that environmental impacts are minimized; ensuring that shelters and barns are the correct sizes
  • Adept in examining plant materials in nurseries for insect pests, plant diseases, and noxious weeds; notes findings and control procedures or plant destruction as required; examines retail nursery stock for proper labeling; issues certificates of compliance and notices of non-compliance


Agriculture, Bachelor of Education, Completed, 2004-06-01

Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth

Marks 70,

Rahuri, MH

Work Experience

2013-05-01 - Current

Agricultural Inspector

Ideal Crew Technology

Pune, MH
  • Properly check all living creatures like animals, plants, or several other agricultural products in order to ensure quality product delivery
  • Perform proper inspection of manufacturing areas in terms of safety and hygienic conditions maintenance
  • Use all techniques and advanced equipment during the manufacturing processes in the agricultural field are also supervised by an agricultural inspector
  • Responsible to make sure that transportation services provided to testing samples are well suitable
  • Responsible to guide farmers regarding advanced techniques and procedures used during the production process
  • Perform a major role in collecting samples and specimens for laboratory tests; involved with analysis activities in order to draw final conclusion
  • Maintain proper documentation which can result in proper recommendations of advice to farmers and other associated professionals
  • Making sure that all agricultural practices are carried out as per the policies and standards set by the organization
  • Responsible to make thorough testing of all agricultural products such as horticultural products, etc. in order to finalize them as a safe and healthy product for human consumption


2008-06-01 - 2012-11-01

Agricultural Inspector / Food Inspector

Vijaya Agro Industries

Sangamner, MH


  • Inspected facilities and equipment for adequacy, sanitation, and compliance with regulations
  • Collected samples of pests or suspected diseased animals or materials and routes to laboratory for identification and analysis
  • Advised farmers and growers of development programs or new equipment and techniques to aid in quality production, applying agricultural knowledge
  • Prepared reports of findings and recommendations and advised farmer, grower, or processor of corrective action to be taken;
  • inspected horticultural products or livestock to detect harmful diseases, infestation, or growth rate
  • Examined, weighed, and measured commodities, such as poultry, eggs, meat, and seafood to certify wholesomeness, grade, and weight
  • Inspected livestock to determine the effectiveness of medication and feeding programs


  • Critical thinking
  • Listening
  • Quality control
  • Reading
  • Supervisory
  • Diplomacy
  • Integrity
  • Time Management


  • Hindi
  • English

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Agricultural Inspector Resume Sample

Agricultural Inspector Resume Sample

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