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A professional resume writing service that gives you a significant advantage in getting the job you want. This service completely recreates your existing resume or creates a new one from scratch. Your resume writer will have experience in your industry and you will work with a career coach who is an expert in formulating resume strategies and success.

Writing Time is typically between 10-14 business days. Complex resumes can take more time.

When only the best will do.

guru writing

With this service, we provide Professional Resume Writing Services to help experienced job candidates create new resumes from scratch. Shri’s Guru Writing is a special collaborative process between Shri Resume and you. You will speak and communicate with both a professional resume writer and a career coach to help determine the best strategy and content for your resume, on a job-specific or profile basis. Your resume writer under this plan will be part of a team of certified resume writers in the United States that affords you further significant advantage for getting the job that you want — assuring you only the best

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Shri says that due to overwhelming demand, our average queue for beginning new Guru Writing resumes is between 55 to 90 days. Please Request and we'll notify you shortly before the next available opportunity opens up with Shri's US-based certified resume writing Guru team.

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Shri believes an improperly formatted resume shouldn't stop you from achieving your dreams.

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for 30 DAYS

Eight additional specialized sections, including specialization for software engineers and the ability to create custom sections.

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For less than a slice of pizza, Shri's sophisticated algorithms help you fix mistakes and improve the quality of your writing.

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Shri assigns a professional resume writer that reviews and corrects your resume for common writing mistakes.

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First impressions matter.

(Shri says success is dependent on effort and doing what's right)

your chance to impress

Your chance to impress

A professionally designed resume changes how employers perceive you, increasing your opportunities.

best possible light

Best possible light

High end presentation is definitive. It clearly represents how organized and professional you are.

beware of red flags

Beware of red flags

If your presentation is weak, at least 35% of all employers will not even bother to read your resume.

position yourself for success

Position yourself for success

The quality of language in your resume matters. Studies show that a poorly written resume filled with grammatical errors and weak language makes you poorer.

gain a competitive edge

Gain a competitive edge

If you want to win, first you have to be able to compete. A professional resume helps you level the playing field against applicants from Tier 1 universities and prestigious companies.

improve your odds

Improve your odds

Applicants with proper resumes have at least a 50% better chance of being granted an interview, and employers give more latitude during the inteviewing process.

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