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Sep 30, 2022

Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet, but Will Soon!

f recent reports from Dell are to be believed, 85% of the jobs that will be there by 2030 don’t even exist today. Taken aback?

Okay, let’s also have a look at two other job market reports. A 2017 study by McKinsey depicted that automation will result in nearly 73 million job cuts in the U.S. alone by the year 2030. Another report from Gartner showed that artificial intelligence will create around 2.3 million jobs by 2020. Enough to make you reconsider your current profession?

As a matter of fact, not only do these figures depict the uncertainties associated with the global job market, they are shocking enough to compel anyone out there to ponder over the future of jobs – How will the job market transform in the next 10-20 years? What are the best career options for the future? How one should act today to secure a flourishing career in the future?

Well, the harsh fact is that as of now, nothing can be said with certainty since no one knows what the future has in store for all professionals out there today. But this is for sure that things will continue to change as ever before.

Social, economic, technological, environmental, and cultural changes will keep on influencing the world. Some changes are predictable, while others can’t be foreseen. Likewise, new challenges are also expected to occur along with several ‘good accidents’ that may resolve long-lived problems.

The future of jobs will largely depend on the interplay of these variables as well as ongoing scientific and technological advancements. As of now, how tough it is to guess the future of the job market is evident with a recent report that says almost two-thirds of kindergarten children are going to be in professions that don’t exist presently.

Nevertheless, today’s jobs will exist in the future after undergoing massive changes. This in turn may transform several jobs into something new versions while obliterating a few of them.

Interestingly, the future will surely be of AI and robotics, and the bulk of jobs will probably be about assisting robots with things that they can’t do today (but quite possibly in the future!) – such as creative/critical thinking and brainstorming.

Based on highly plausible calculations, the future jobs mentioned below are the ones that are most likely to come into existence in the next couple of years or decades:

Organizational Disruptor:

When organizations grow, they lose their capacity to innovate to some extent. This predisposes them to competition from flexible startups, which are relatively less stable.

And since experts predict a future trend of smaller yet more flexible organizations, large corporations, and even non-profit organizations will eventually look for ways to become somewhat like their smaller counterparts.

Here, the role of a disruptor would be to bring about minor yet irregular changes to introduce more creativity, innovation, risk-taking, and collaborative approach into large organizations.

Personal Education Guide:

In today’s time, school-based education is considered an effective means of learning and getting credentials. However, education will also observe some major overhauls in the distant future. Quite possible that it will become much more personalized and way more convenient than online courses.

Personal education guides will work as a counselor or coaches, who will assist people in choosing on-demand courses or creating custom-made training programs, utilizing freelance instructors.

They will also be there to confirm that their client has completed the course and earned relevant credentials, which organizations too will begin recognizing once the system gets mainstreamed.

Custom Body Part Manufacturer:

At some point in the far future, organ donation will become passed. Doctors may soon be able to place orders for customized organs, grown using the client’s very own cells.

Brain Implant Specialist:

With a growing understanding of the brain and its functions as well as advances in computer technology and neurosciences, it is quite possible in the near future that specialized computer implants will be placed in patient’s brains for a variety of benefits, such as memory boost, mental disorder management, paralysis treatment, virtual telepathy and so forth.

So, once you have got the date to begin job shadowing in a company, you should prepare in advance to make the most of your experience. Here are some wonderful tips to follow.

Personal Microbiome Manager:

A professional holding a degree in biological sciences can expect a rather new yet wonderful career in the future. Microbes that reside on and inside us play a crucial role in maintaining our health and overall well-being.

These microbes in their balanced state can prevent heart ailments, obesity, mental health issues, diabetes, and many other chronic conditions.

Thus, in the coming years, a specialist will be required to manage an individual’s microbiota, which would probably be considered as significant as physicians.

Pharmaceutical Artisan:

With growing advancements in 3-D printing technology, it will be quite possible to develop and offer customized, on-demand prescription drugs instead of mass-produced ones.

Artisanal drugs can be developed according to a person’s medical history, genetic makeup, and habits. Some drug artisans will also be there to develop targeted therapy based on the stem cells of a patient.

Urban Security Professionals:

In the future, keeping people safe from each other in densely populated urban areas would be tough. In such a situation, law enforcement agencies will look out for advanced technologies to ensure urban security without violating civil rights. The need will generate positions like urban security professionals with specialized skills in coordinating the human workforce with robots.

End-of-Life Coach:

With cultural as well as economic drift towards presenting individuals as brands, people will probably become interested in planning grand celebrations and extended memorial services in a more lavish manner than what is being offered by today’s funeral managers.

Possibilities are there that law amendments will be brought about, allowing people to even plan euthanasia as an extravagant event that can even be compared to a wedding ceremony. Morally, this might sound inappropriate today, but it could become a part of the event management industry in the coming years.

To manage all these, specialized professionals might require to manage important end-of-life events and develop tributes to commemorate a dying individual’s life and accomplishments.

Hyper-Intelligent Transportation Engineer:

The future of man-less transport vehicles is nearby. Self-driving cars are just a prelude to what lies ahead. With ongoing advancements in the development of intelligent machines and transportation technology, a fully-automated transport network may soon become a real thing.

Professionals will then be required to manage this new, highly intelligent transportation network, comprising vacuum-tube tunnels, smart roads, maglev trains, and more.

Cyborg Designer:

In the distant future, there is a possibility to create a completely new entity by combining the best features of both robots and natural organisms, including humans. Hence, specialized cyborg designers might then be in demand to fulfill the desire of humans to surpass human limitations by merging themselves with machines

Besides, non-human cybernetic entities may also be required for use in various sectors, such as space exploration, sports, military, entertainment, and health.

Robotic or Holographic Avatar Designer:

When people will begin dedicating more time to the virtual space, they may find the real-world boring in the future. Perhaps, this will inculcate the idea of interacting with virtual friends and other closed ones without making use of virtual reality (VR) gadgets.

Technologists will then be required to develop virtual friends as real-life 3D holographic or robotic avatars. These avatars may even become as common as natural beings. Avatar designers will create customized avatars that would look similar both in the virtual and real worlds.

Space Tour Guide:

Aerospace companies like Virgin Galactic and SpaceX have already begun working on their plans to make space travel available to the public in near future. Space travelers may go for family vacations, adventure, or business purposes. They may also be able to plan extended stays on extraterrestrial bases on moons and other planets too.

Since not everyone would be an astronaut, space tourists will need special guides to prepare them for space visits and to guide them throughout their journey.

Space Physician and Nurse:

Going into space will predispose you to all sorts of health and medical issues since the natural human body is not designed to survive in zero-gravity and unfavorable environments of space or on other planets.

This will create the need for specialized health professionals to monitor the health of space tourists and treat space-induced conditions like exposure to radiation and muscle wasting specialized medical nurses and physicians.

Landfill Worm Operator:

Intense ongoing industrialization will result in the serious depletion of natural resources with the complete loss of some minerals. Extracted and exhausted resources will get buried at landfill sites. These used-up resources contain some important minerals that companies will later need to generate new products or simply to function well

So, robotic earthworms may then be developed to extract such important minerals on a mass scale from huge landfills across the globe. These will be operated by specialized professionals.

Extinct Species Regenerator:

Anthropogenic activities will continue to harm the environment, leading to the extinction of various species of animals and plants. Interestingly, some of these species are critical to the existence and normal functioning of the ecosystem.

While measures are being taken to conserve such species today, a time will come in the future when lost species can be revived and brought back to life by scientists or precisely, extinct-species regenerators. They will additionally help in re-introducing revived species into their natural habitats.

Android Relationship Counselor:

Far in the future, AI will make it possible that people will start dating robots with emotions and intelligence comparable to that of natural humans.

Future humans willing to get into a romantic relationship with robots will require to seek advice from android relationship counselors to overcome some typical complexities as well as to do away with any possible dangers. This will become more important when technological singularity will become reality.

Mind-Transfer Specialist:

Although seems like a plot of some science fiction, experts believe that this may become possible by the end of the 21st century. Mind-transfer specialists will transfer data from a human mind to a computer, which can be re-transferred to the mind of that person or a different human being.

People may be able to transfer their minds into their clones, artificial beings, or cybernetic robots to extend their existence virtually

Drone Manager:

In near future, drones will lose their glory and will be nearly everywhere. Then, specialized professionals will be needed to establish and implement standards for maintaining a large fleet of drones possessed by an organization.

Self-Driving Automobile Mechanic:

Self-driving cars will surely eat up many jobs in the future, but they will create a few too. Because, these cars will not be able to repair themselves, special mechanics will be required to fix and service these cars in a technologically advanced environment.

Augmented Reality Journey Builder:

In near future, professionals will be required to design, create, gamify, and customized client trips within the augmented reality (AR) space. These professionals with team up with technical artists and engineers to develop various components for customers to move across the AR experience of time, space, and place.

Simplicity Expert:

The technology used to offer workplace solutions utilizes systems to manage teams, projects, and processes, which can itself be quite complex. Here, a simplicity expert will be required to examine the relationship between technologies and the people using them as well as to streamline and optimize business processes. These professionals will come up with new methods of doing work to benefit everyone across the organization.

Garbage Designer:

Any profession related to garbage may not sound interesting, but this is something that is not going to be just like any other waste management profession. This job will bear out upcycling – a rather new, upcoming waste management trend.

Creative and skilled garbage designers with out-of-the-box thinking will take forward their organizations to a future, which is based on eco-friendly practices. Manufacturing companies will employ garbage designers to reconsider materials that can be used to develop products with minimal wastage.


What has been discussed above certainly doesn’t make for a foolproof list of future jobs, but these can show you a larger picture of how present jobs will metamorphose to lay the foundation of the future job market. This simply signifies how volatile the job market is and that you should keep yourself updated and well-prepared for any such future changes

No matter how contented you are with your present career choice, you should still strive to diversify yourself as a professional by exploring opportunities within and beyond your domain. This is because you never know if what seems booming to you today might completely disappear in the coming years.

So, keep evolving, and keep growing!

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