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Sep 30, 2022

Leaving a Lasting Impression in a Job Interview

During interviews, people often mumble or stammer, and even utter irrelevant things that can certainly produce a negative vibe. Considering the pressure that builds up when you are already pretty nervous just moments before your job interview, it is not that easy to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. And if you are a fresher, the situation becomes even more difficult to handle.

Employers always look for people who are a good fit for their companies in all respects. While skills and qualifications do count, these are not the sole criteria to finalize a candidate for employment. Hiring managers often reject arrogant or rude candidates despite their excellent qualifications and role-specific skills.

Thus, to up your chances of getting the job and ensure a smooth transition, you need to create a lasting impression during interviews. So, if you are aptly skilled and qualified, the tips below can surely help you get closer to your dream job.

Be Real

Present yourself just as you are. Be real and positive as much as you can. When a question is asked, answer in a way that will stand out. Consider sharing exceptional qualifications or skills along with an anecdote, some examples where your performance was exceptional in your previous or current role.

While there is nothing specific you need to do, make sure to strike the right chord and go with the flow.

Prepare Well

To create a lasting impression in job interviews, you should prepare beforehand. In general, an interview is comprised of several sections, and to win every step of the way you should be careful as well as confident.

Begin with researching the company online. Most hiring managers ask questions about their organizations, just to see how enthusiastic you are about the opportunity and how much interest you have in the industry in which you are applying for a position.

Moreover, decide on what to wear on that special day in advance. You should almost always be dressed in formal attire. Well-ironed clothing and polished shoes are the perfect way to impress with the way you look. The only exceptions to this rule may be for certain entry-level positions where dressing in formal attire could stand out as being unusual for that business.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure you have good hygiene and arrive on or before time. Remember, “good hygiene” does not mean it is like a bottle of perfume exploded in your car. And many offices are now moving to a “no scent” requirement due to people with allergies working nearby.

Highlight Skills and Qualifications Just Relevant to the Role

While speaking with the interviewer, try to cast the impression that you can skillfully handle any roles and responsibilities related to the job. Rather than focusing on experience, talk about your future goals as it relates to your skills and qualification.

Of course, your previous experience counts, but it is always better to discuss how it makes you the best fit for the job in question. Also, elaborate only on those qualifications and skills that are relevant to the job. Avoid using long phrases and complicated jargon. You don’t want to give the sense that you are trying to “over-impress”.

Be Humble Yet Confident

For a lasting impression, during the interview, you should strive to create a balance between confidence and humility. Whatever you say should reflect confidence. Sit up straight (but comfortably) and speak in a way so you are audible.

At the same time, be humble too. You shouldn’t exude arrogance while communicating with the interviewer. Go by the saying “A good listener is a good speaker.” That means listening carefully to the interviewer’s question and then answering politely, even when you are very confident about the answer. Also, make sure to lower your tone wherever necessary.

Don’t Press for Answers

The initial 10 minutes of the discussion is not the right time to discuss salary, perks, and fringe benefits. During an interview, there are specific phases when you can discuss these types of matters.

Salary discussion is usually done in the concluding phase. So, just relax and focus on the smooth conversation. If you hurry through the process, it actually might work against you. The more composed and calm you will remain the better you will appear to the recruiter.

Be Aware of Your Weaknesses

You must be well aware of areas where you might not be a perfect fit, so it is good to prepare in advance for any questions related to your professional and personal challenges.

When questioned about something you may not be completely comfortable with, just be honest and brief about your shortcomings, and maybe even talk about how you are working to overcome them. This will leave a great impression, and you might even be appreciated for being truthful.

Prepare Answers in Advance

It is a great idea to select around 15-20 of the most common interview questions and plan how you will answer those questions in advance. Don’t forget to back your explanations with evidence and examples to make your answers appear more sensible.

It is recommended that you should avoid asking questions if you don’t have anything relevant or interesting to say. Instead, encouraging the interviewer to ask more specific questions can be a smart way of responding. Certainly, this will help you leave a lasting impression.

Start as Expected

First impressions matter the most. Hence, the first few minutes of the interview session are extremely important. Beginning on the wrong note will have the opposite effect and will distance you from your dream job. So, technically speaking, you have a very brief window of time to create that first impression on your future boss.

Enter the room with a smile while maintaining eye contact. During the session, be aware of your gestures and try to keep the right body posture. Always try to remain positive, optimistic, and confident.

Know Your Resume

You must know every bit of your resume. There is a strong chance that while going through your CV the recruiter might suddenly stop at some point and throw a random question at you, so be prepared for that possibility.

Such a situation might leave you dumbstruck for a moment, which can certainly cause your confidence to dip. So, be confident about everything on your resume and prepare well in advance for every possible question that could stem from the content of your resume.

Prepare for Different Types of Interviews

We usually make different copies of a resume suited to specific roles and job opportunities. On a similar note, learning in advance how to do your best in various types of interviews is never a bad idea.

While we are all different people, we generally prefer the company of like-minded individuals. Therefore, changing a bit to match the recruiter’s expectations should not be a big deal for you. For sure, doing so will not change you altogether, but help you leave a lasting impression.


Creating a lasting impression is no easy feat, especially in a job interview. It takes a whole lot of practice and a high level of confidence. The aforementioned tips won’t give you a pass to move to the other side of the interview barrier right away but can help you outstandingly present yourself while creating a lasting impression on everyone you meet.

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