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Apr 03, 2021

7 Habits of Successful Job Seekers

Undoubtedly, the competition is tough in the job market out there, and sadly not everyone is lucky enough to land his/her dream job. So, what sets apart those fortunate professionals from the ones who try their best but hardly get the expected results? Is it just the luck!

While creating an imposing cover letter and resume and prepping for common interview questions is all important, these are a few habits of successful job seekers that make them stand out from the competition. So, if you are open to job opportunities and really want to come out on top, you should try inculcating some habits of highly motivated job seekers.

Not only will these take you a few steps closer to your dream job, but let you evolve as a better professional, ultimately boosting your career graph. Keep reading to learn about these habits.

  • Having Branded Marketing Materials: In today’s highly competitive world, simply keeping tailor-made cover letter and resume ready is not going to work. Instead, you require to present your accomplishments in a distinguishing manner. Make use of personal branding tricks to showcase your skills and achievements in a way to leave a lasting impression on hiring professionals.

    Keep your LinkedIn and other social media handles optimized and updated all the time. People you are looking to meet to boost your network along with customized cover letter and resume are keys to communicating your personal brand effectively and consistently.

    So, how you can market yourself! Try answering questions like: Are you an accomplished operations manager, who is highly dedicated and keeps motivating his/her team to exceed expectation and production? Are you a seasoned IT lead, who are known to complete his/her projects before time?

    Remember that whatever you will present to recruiters – from social profiles and expert blogs to resume and cover letter – should reflect what you are worth of as a professional.

  • Helps Develop/Hone Skills: Will you start working on a crucial project without having a proper plan? Certainly not! And if you are actively looking for an opportunity, you should consider your job search as important as projects assigned to you at the workplace.

    Thus, you should show the same level of determination, care as well as dedicate the same amount of time as you do for that VIP client’s project at the office. Make a list of your target companies and ways to approach them. What networking strategies you would be following and what you will do to implement those strategies should be your priority.

    Also, figure out those activities that can enhance your skills and bring new opportunities to you. Monitor when you have sent proposal, connection requests and inquiries and when you need to follow-up. Make sure that whatever you search and do should have a purpose along with regular checkpoints to keep everything on track.

  • Capitalizing on Social Media: Employers these days extensively search for job candidates on social media. So, keep your social media handles intriguing enough to compel recruiters to consider your profile.

    Optimize your Twitter, Facebook and most importantly LinkedIn profiles for your job hunt. Mention all relevant or target keywords in the headlines while making use of updates and posts to share domain expertise and industry affairs to showcase your prowess and engagement.

    When a recruiter searches for your profile online, make sure that they see you as an updated professional who knows his/her stuffs. Apart from the content, this also include a professional profile photograph, which should ideally be the same across all platforms.

  • Boosts Confidence Level: Successful involvement in volunteer work can certainly boost your confidence level. Additionally, opportunities for service help keep you motivated while you are hunting for a job or planning to make a career switch.

  • Reaching Out to Contacts: You never know someone in your LinkedIn connections, alumni service network, industry association contacts or phonebook can be on the inside track with your target company.

    Trying to reach out to your old, new and potential contacts via emails, over phone or in person. Often ask them how they are doing and share materials that might be useful to them, such as link to an article or guide. Thereafter, let them know at which stage you are in your job search.

    Networking goes mutually, so never approach someone with a mere request to help you with your job hunt. On social media, you can follow top influencers from your field and try connecting with them by commenting and re-sharing their posts. Also, you should personally engage with those professionals who follow you on social sites by sharing industry insights and useful information

  • Monitoring Your Job Hunt Activities: Even the best of execution plans fails because of lack of monitoring. Track your daily activities and compare it with your daily as well as weekly targets. Your job search monitoring should revolve around questions like: How many applications you will send each week? How many contacts you will reach out to every week? How many posts you will share or engage with weekly?

    Try keeping yourself on track or aligned with your personal targets. Plus, quantify your progress by regular monitoring as you can’t get better without keeping a tab on your activities

  • Remaining Positive: With every assessment of your activities, continue making improvements and positive changes as you move ahead. You can learn from your own mistakes, take necessary actions not to repeat them, monitor your report and eventually use such information to stay updated and boost your job search strategies.

    On a daily basis, do something as part of your job search efforts, even on days when you don’t feel like doing so. It is all important to remain positive, not only because it is good for you as an individual, but also to augment your job search

  • Taking Care of Yourself: Remaining mentally and physically healthy during your job search is as important as during your regular office hours. Take out some time to exercise, cook healthy meals, relax, and engage in leisure activities daily.

    Moreover, when not searching for a job, you can spend time with friends and family, read a good book, go for an outing and do many other things that can help you remain energized and stress-free.


You don’t have to go to great lengths to develop these habits of highly motivated job seekers. Rather, you will need to bring some minor changes to your approach and things you do for your job search while regularly tracking your progress, and remaining positive, refreshed and calm.

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