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₹ 1299/-₹ 1099/-

  • Number of Interviews - One
  • Standard Waiting Period - 48 Hrs
  • Duration of Each Interview- 25 min*
  • Expert’s Feedback- Yes
  • Interview Scorecard- Yes
  • Access to Interview Recording- Yes
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₹ 2598/-₹ 1899/-

  • Number of Interviews - Two
  • Standard Waiting Period - 48 Hrs
  • Duration of Each Interview- 25 min*
  • Expert’s Feedback- Yes
  • Interview Scorecard- Yes
  • Access to Interview Recording- Yes

₹ 3897/-₹ 2399/-

  • Number of Interviews - Three
  • Standard Waiting Period - 48 Hrs
  • Duration of Each Interview- 25 min*
  • Expert’s Feedback- Yes
  • Interview Scorecard- Yes
  • Access to Interview Recording- Yes


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Mock Interviews To Practice Interviewing

Does the thought of facing a job interview makes you feel nervous? Do you find it difficult to muster your confidence during an interview? Have you been rejected in a lot of interviews? If the answer to any of the above mentioned question is yes, there is no need to feel low or worried about it. The old saying “practice makes a man perfect” is absolutely right, and you can improve yourself with the help of mock interviews.

It is absolutely true that almost every job aspirant feels nervous during his or her first few interviews. Few of them manage to hide their nervousness, while some completely succumb to the pressure created during the interview session. So, there is no nothing to feel embarrassed about it. All you have to do is hone your skills and confidence level by facing as many as mock interview sessions.

What is a Mock Interview anyway?

Also known as practice interview, a mock interview is basically a simulation of a real interview session. Just like an actual job interview, there will be an experienced counsellor or recruiter, and he/she will ask you questions in the similar way. When you go through the mock interview session, your performance will be monitored; and, at the end of the session, you will be offered feedback on your performance

The counsellor will help you know about your strong and weak areas. He/she will also help you to develop effective strategies for the actual interview. In most of the mock interviews, the counsellor or interviewer may make use of a semi-structured interview system.

Are in-person mock interviews effective enough?

Yes, they are effective; when you go through these mock interviews, your mind gets more accustomed to the pressure-filled environment; however, it is also true that your brain still knows that the session is not an actual one. But, going through a dozen or more mock interview sessions will surely make you feel more confident about yourself. Most importantly, you will be guided by the experienced professionals. Your communication skills will also get improved with these sessions.

These days, a lot of colleges and consultancies offer mock interview sessions to the job aspirants. In-person mock interviews or even virtual mock interviews can provide a lot of advantages. Some of them are:

  • Help reduce anxiety and stress- Most of the job aspirants fail to perform during an interview because they feel stressed and anxious. They start getting negative thoughts about the outcome of the interview, which in turn make them feel pressurized; and, when the factor of pressure kicks in, it is quite possible that you will fail to impress the interviewer(s). So, it is important to get rid of this anxiety and stress, which can be done with the help of mock interviews.
  • Help enhance your confidence- When people feel anxious, their confidence level drops down to almost zero. In such a situation, if you don’t pick yourself up, you are doomed. The mock interview sessions can provide you a better idea of how to deal with the pressure and be more confident in front of your interviewer.
  • Quick feedback- Mock interview sessions offer quick and constructive feedback on your performance. After a couple of sessions, the counsellor gets a clear idea of the areas that need improvement. Some job aspirants need to work more on their communication skills, while some need to focus more on their ‘clarity in speech’. An experienced counsellor can help you figure out the strengths and weaknesses in you.
  • Improved body language- During an actual interview, apart from your communication skills, you also need to work on your body language. Behavioural based interview questions can make you feel more accustomed to the actual situations. During an interview, the interviewers take into consideration the past performance of the job aspirant, so that it becomes easier for them to predict his/her future performance.
  • Improves your knowledge base- Mock interview sessions do contain real and factual questions, and for this reason, the preparation you are able to through these sessions can really help you a lot. In this way, you are able to refine the answers to some of the most important interview questions; such as, where do you see yourself in the next five years?

A glance at the mock interview questions

So, those were some of the prime benefits of mock interview sessions. Now, let us provide you a little idea of the mock interview questions. During a mock interview, the questions asked to you will more like general employer interview based questions. These questions are asked mainly during the initial or the screening round.

But, in case the interview is for a specific position, in such cases the mock interview questions will be more focused on the job role. You will be asked questions that are related to the related industry type and career field. Likewise, if you are preparing for an interview that you have already scheduled with a company; in such cases, the mock interviewer will shoot actual questions that are usually asked by the HR manager at the company.

How to prepare for mock interview?

It is very important that you should take mock interviews seriously, just like you would do in case of an actual interview. When you mould yourself into the situation and start behaving in a way as if you are going to face an actual interview, it definitely helps during an actual session. So, you must get dressed up in an appropriate way even for a mock interview session.

Being punctual is also important, and hence, arriving at least 15 minutes early is vital here. Also, do not forget to carry your resume and other important documents that you would bring during an actual interview. In addition, do not forget to carry a notebook in which you can note down the feedback provided by the interviewer. In this way, your mind and body will get more familiar and capable of handling stress, anxiety, and pressure.

Go for online practice interviews

In case you are already working in a company, and you do not have enough time to visit a consultancy for mock interview sessions, you can go for the online practice interview sessions. Through these programs, you will be able prepare yourself for upcoming job interviews without going anywhere. The assortment of questions asked during an online mock interview session can improve your ability to answer quickly and more appropriately.

Some of the online interview programs come equipped with features like audio answers, time limit, recording via webcam, etc. In this way, you can record your mock interview session and share the recorded file with your friends or family members, and get useful suggestions and feedback in return. Some of the online mock interview programs are for free, while the most popular ones do come attached with a price tag. So, it is up to you to decide which one will be more useful, beneficial, and helpful for you.


No matter if you want to go for the in-person mock interview sessions or the online-based ones, in any case your motto should be to work on your confidence level and communication skills too. The more you practice, the better you would get at cracking interviews. So, what are you waiting for? It is the time to rise and shine!