Shri's Blessing. Professional Editing Services.

Because some people want more.





Why is our service thousands less?

Shri says that a wise man should have money only in his head, and never in his heart. In this spirit, Shri built a technology platform with smart design algorithms that empower his team of professional resume editors to focus solely on the content of your resume while managing the editing in the most efficient manner possible. Our time is spent exclusively on editing your resume because the input methods and algorithms take care of everything else, from design and formatting to best practices. As for the savings in time, Shri insists that the savings get returned to you, because we're not greedy -- just needy.

Is this extra service for everyone?

No. This service is only for Shri Resume members who have an existing resume, prepared with their best effort, and who desire a professional review and editing to make sure it is absolutely the best it can be. In other words, it's for Shri Resume members who wish to invest in themselves for increased future earnings.

How does the editing service work?

Keeping it simple and transparent, Shri processes your resume in six easy steps.